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[RELEASE] Metroid
Not sure what you mean by your comments on "Upper directory" or poster view (or even which posterview, postersplit or posterfix).

Text may become unreadable while scrolling.
Do you mean like motion blur? Because there isn't really a fade on the content on the list.
I have a thread open on a bug in fade, http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=192609
But current version should not have that problem in list view (i think)

QWERTY keyboard
Custom weather icons
Profile picture
small VideoOSD animations change
Bug fixes (in o.a. playercontrol)
Image [RELEASE] Metroid
Image [RELEASE] IrcChat
Poster Fix view.

a) Profile picture and Weather button
I have global search disabled, since I want to see weather button instead. Now when profile button is present, clicking on it will open weather, while weather button does not seem to work at all. When global search enabled, the profile icon does not work at all.

Profile button can also act as "home button", if there is no other purpose intended...

Seems to work fine.

c) Weather icons
Try to apply some antialiasing on them, but it may be hard to match softness of other items in weather window. Overall they match the theme.

d) Video OSD - looks fine

Some bugs:

Poster-Fix view
1. Movie will not start play/info screen does not open when clicking on the movie - In "my TV shows" it prevents opening "all seasons" unless I work with slider...
2. When clicking on the movie, previous movie may be selected instead. (Eg you see "Gattaca" but it will start play "the Game" which is previous in the list)

Also one suggestion... When I select movies in the poster-fix, and I need to go back, my instinct tells me to move finger in opposite direction if I want to go back (as if I would be navigating on the slider). Currently I have about 65 movies in collection. Does it affect sensitivity? usually when there is more items, working with slider allows to navigate throught very fast. That may explain the sensitivity...
- Changes to list layout
- Rewrite of Posterfix (hope this fixes it)
- Trial iconset (reFocus)
- Right list available for movies and tv
- MenuBG editable
- more
Image [RELEASE] Metroid
Image [RELEASE] IrcChat
a) Posterfix
- you have to click on upper-right corner to open first item in the list. Other items work fine
- you can use keyboard instead. Will retest with mouse.
- Sensitivity: Its better, I try to make some more structured suggestion.

b) MenuBG
- tested with different colors. Works.

c) Widgets menu in Settings
- Only "Recent movies" and "Recent TV series" are selectable. Other items in the list are "greyed-out" and cant be changed.
- Its possible to enable custom widget, but all other items in menu remain "greyed-out".

d) Installing the skin
- Few things may get broken and require restart (have to upload screenshot)
a) hopefully fixed

c) Random had not been changed to new loading method yet. Has been done now.

Profile picture and Weather button
Image [RELEASE] Metroid
Image [RELEASE] IrcChat
Profile / Weather - Fixed

a) Selecting works
c) Random widgets are selectable but dont display at all

Icons view:
It may be troublesome to grab the slider (by mouse or touch). I dont know why, and when this happens.

PosterFix view and sensitivity:
- If I select movie right next to big poster and drag it to the left I will most likely select it
- If I select second movie from the big poster sensitivity increases and as a result 4th-6th movie in the list will be selected after I drag it

It does not matter if its mouse or touch control. Selecting with keyboard works fine.
c) Fixed

Icons view: Adjusted conflict with main menu hidden scrollbar.

PosterFix: Doesn't hoovering your mouse over the items scroll them already? No need for click or drag on my Windows
Hoovering (with some movement) my mouse a little left of the poster scrolls it left. And hoovering right of the poster moves it right.
Image [RELEASE] Metroid
Image [RELEASE] IrcChat
c) Confirmed

Icons View: I was unable to reproduce it... Cant confirm if its fixed or not.

PosterFix: It does, but there is difference between mouse and touch-screen control. Everyone who saw poster fix on my touchscreen automatically thought its a "touch and drag" method. But it isnt.
I made one mockup about how people usually act when they see postefix on touchscreen:


a) People are instictively touching near the center of each poster.
b) If they touch, they instinctively drag to the left or to the right...
c) If they touch on "Escape planet earth" and drag it to the left, they expect it to appear on the main poster (same with other movies).
d) If they are dragging (any poster) to the right, they want to "go back".

"Hovering" is absolutely not expected when used on touchscreen. I believe that main intention of this view was to use joystick...

When i presented Poster fix with mouse it was almost the same. People were suprised why are posters moving on hover.

If keyboard, or some sort of remote control was used instead, there was no confusion...
I've looked at it, and it's just not possible at the moment from just the skin. Even work arounds like putting an invisible scrollbar over the items wouldn't solve it. Because you'd get in trouble with not being able to move the items in very short lists like sets and you sometimes might not be able to scroll to the very last item in a list.

XBMC is originally made for on a tv, controlled by a remote or xbox controller. The only real touch support is for Android and has been added only very recently. Right now on Windows your finger is seen as a mouse. Some things i can work around like with the info window, but not everything.

This is a feature you need to make a request for. And hope a developer for Windows is interested.
But touch support for Windows is definitely a good request to make: http://forum.xbmc.org/forumdisplay.php?fid=9
Image [RELEASE] Metroid
Image [RELEASE] IrcChat
Updated. Bump to v0.2.1.

Skin might need a reset (settings -> help) as some functions have changed (Like the background darkness).

- New test viewtype
- Readability improvements
- OSD color changer
- Updated screenshots
- Bug fixes
Image [RELEASE] Metroid
Image [RELEASE] IrcChat
Were is download link?
In the bottom of the first post (OP) it has a link to "Metroid on Github".
It takes you to Github where the code is hosted. There, in the bottom of the right hand column you can download the .zip file.
Image [RELEASE] Metroid
Image [RELEASE] IrcChat
Yesterday I did few quick tests of the newest version.

For now I didnt found new bugs. I will take a closer look next week.
I just tested Metroid, and the first reaction: Whoa I'm lost there in everywhere! After several minutes of research and understanding, the second reaction; Whoa it's deadly! I love it! It's very clever and great built in the end

Congratulations! There are a lot of little thing that does not work well, but it's WIP! congratulations
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