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Amber for Gotham - Support thread
Do you have any plans to support Pseudo TV Live (PTVL) with Amber?

I am encountering this same issue:

(2014-05-20, 01:42)Lunatixz Wrote:
(2014-05-20, 01:29)gonzo90017 Wrote: I use Amber as my default skin. The problem i'm having is that when I launch PTVL and click Enter to bring up the EPG it comes up without any issues. The problem is that I can't bring up the EPG again. The next time when I try to bring up the EPG. All I get is XBMC's playback controls. This issues is seems to be only with the Amber skin since I decided to load up Confluence and the issue doesn't affect that skin.



You need to bring the issue up with the Amber creator...

Any help would be appreciated.

Any chance you could either make the settings home menu editable or make it include the Openelec configuration on Openelec machines? I still run an ATV1(still gets the job done, so I'm only running plexbmc&helper, and pretty much no other add-ons, and would rather not have the additional clutter of an add on shelf/menu with only one item in it. Look forward to your response. Thanks for the great skin.

Is this skin suitable for low-end equipment? ATV2 and the like?

I have been running it for a while, but are experiencing some crashes on my ATV2 during video playback on Gotham. The ATV2 seems to struggle with RAM limitations more and more, and with Gotham it has become worse... Unsure if the Amber skin is a good idea to run in this case?

I like the skin very much, and it feels light enough when I'm navigating it on my ATV2 Smile
The Real Skimshady

First off all I'd like to say I love this skin ! It's amazing, and very user friendly.

I do have a question about the home shelf for tv series.

Is it possible to display the recently added series, instead of the recent episodes of just one show ?
I don't really like seeing all the same covers one the home shelf.

Here what I mean:

very great skin.
One issue.
I created two smart playlist (Toons and TV Kid) added to favorites and then customized the home menu for having TV KID and Toons button.

I would like to have recently added (like for movies and TV series) when I select them.
I verified with home shelf but seems not working.
Any idea?
Thanks Dan
I'm running two PLEX servers say A and B with a single myPLEX account.
Server A is always up and running. But Server B goes on/off line from time to time.

When both servers are up. Amber for XBMC gotham works fine.
But when only server A is up, it is not able to access libraries in server A.
Strangely, home menu keeps showing libraries on server B even that server is down.
Selecting server manually doesn't remedy this problem.

I tried with Windows version and OpenElec.

When server B is down XBMC keep saying "script fail PleXBMC!" even though server A is alive.

On the other hand, Plex Home theater for windows shows libraries of server(s) alive only.

Am I doing something wrong ?

As a related question, is there any way to complete purge the server/libraries list ?
I even tried to remove/reistall skin, plexbmc script, but it always remembers
libriares it has seen.

Thanks in advance.
can someone tell me what file to edit and what i would need to change to widen the List view so i can read full titles of files

this isn't really a problem in the episode level if i use that view but when i am going to favourites which are just networked paths to folders with mixed content it is hard to read the full filename because it is a longer name then simple

Episode 1 - Pilot
I Love this Skin!! The simplicity and flexibility is incredible. It is just what I need for my FTV setup.

Of course here comes the but....I do have one issue that makes it hard to use for the entire family. I think it has been brought up in a few places, but there is a lack of on-screen player controls (Now Playing or Current Playlist) when something is playing. My family just ends up backing out of the player in the foreground and doesn't know how to stop play.

I'll be careful not to ask when, but is there an intent to put back these controls in a foreseen update??


Is it possible to change the background pictures of the other pages besides each page on the home screen?

For example, when I'm in plex mode, I have 3 options showing on the home screen: movies, settings, and quit. I changed the backgrounds for those, but when I select movies, it takes me to a screen where I can select all movies, unwatched, recently added, genre, search, etc. On that screen, it only shows what looks like theater seats. Is there any way to change the background on this screen?



Where can i find the Gotham release ?

I've ordered: G-Box Midnight MX2.

Is Amber supported on this device?

Thank you.
Nice skin pecinko

I can't seem to get the shutdown function to work through the quit menu, it will just reset the Pi. Pressing the power button on the remote though works fine.

Running Openelec 4.0.3- this function worked fine worked ok on 3.2.4

Any idea if the problem is related to the skin/xbmc or openelec?


Edit: Running 4.0.4 now
Does Amber work with 3D Movies? When i have a 3D Movie (mkv) running and want to change the audio. Amber just reset my 3D Movie to 2D and the controls looks slugish. With the theme confluence everything works fine. Confused

Windows 7 64bit - Gotham 13.1
I gotta say i am loving the skin i usually keep a couple of my favourites installed all the time and amber is one of them along with Hybrid and Metropolis however is it just me or does anyone else find the support a little lacking in the amber thread i compare it to the other skins like Hybrid with Mudislander you get quick responses and he is really good about taking suggestions on Metropolis is also good with responding to questions i think Jingai is running that department of Metropolis

I really like amber and i don't mean to sound ungrateful but i am noticing a lot of questions, requests etc.. go unanswered quite a bit on Amber thread just wondering why that isHuh
Hello using cinema experience, there is a delay and back to movies menu...

It seems this could be changed with this skin changes:


Thanks for ading this...
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