Pressed back button on remote - how to get out of it?
After pressing the back button on a remote during video playback, how do I get out of the file selection interface that's overlayed on top of the video? Pressing the back button again goes one directory up, pressing the menu button doesn't do anything, and pressing home exits XBMC. I'm using a Helix nightly build from a few days ago on a Fire TV.
You would need the "Fullscreen" button, or whichever button is mapped to that feature. On a keyboard it's the Tab key that serves this purpose.

Or you could avoid pressing the back button - a more intuitive option is to stop the video entirely, do whatever you need to do, and then when you go to play the video again it will have the option to resume at the place you left it.
So how is this going to be handled on Fire TV? There aren't enough buttons on that remote, and it's already becoming a very widespread hardware device for XBMC.

Should I submit a ticket to get this function working via another button?
Use any one of these: Alternative keymaps for Fire TV remote (wiki)

Hopefully for the next version of XBMC (cross fingers) keymaps will be installable as add-ons, so it will be really easy to get a map specific to a given device, like the Amazon Fire TV.
Thanks! The menu button on the FTV remote is currently unused, so that's what it's gonna be for now Smile
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Pressed back button on remote - how to get out of it?00