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Release Experimental Google Music Addon
I will be doing a version with All Access search so you can test.

StefanK, you mean the Albums folder listed by 'Artist - Album'? You don't like the two level 'Artist' > "Album' folders?
(2014-07-30, 18:05)da-anda Wrote: @ 2) is skin specific. There are several skins out there that allow to customize the home menu though (like AeonNox, Eminence, and many more)
Thanks, I have used Transparency for a long time - but testing Ace right now.
(2014-07-30, 19:32)foreverguest Wrote: I will be doing a version with All Access search so you can test.
(2014-07-30, 19:32)foreverguest Wrote: StefanK, you mean the Albums folder listed by 'Artist - Album'? You don't like the two level 'Artist' > "Album' folders?
That's right, I much prefer to see right away what albums I have with the artist in question.
In this test version, search will try to retrieve All Access results and Albums are sorted by Artist.


Please test and check the log for errors if failed.
Here goes testing and comments:
1. Great - you added the [artist] album view to albums.
But, my own albums uploaded to Google Play seem not to be recognized. They all appear like [-Unknown-] followed by correct album title. No problem when entering the album, it shows artist - songtitle and correct album cover and fanart.

2. Playlists: I have one playlist - but it seems empty. I try to "Update playlist", but I get an error: http://pastebin.com/jHvpa44f

3. Search - I search for Duran Duran :-) empty list on screen, nothing appears.
I go search for Kylie - my own tracks with Nick Cave and Kylie show up, but no more. I can see in the log that something is going on, hopefully you can make a fix for some of it: http://pastebin.com/mwRdSECF
same here.
1. I cannot load my playlists anymore.
2. Search function doesn't display anything from All Access however in the log I searched for "collins" and it seems that it found something. Log: http://pastebin.com/NaQ3Ygce
AllAccess is working if you replace 'track["playCount"]' from "GoogleMusicApi.py" in line 110 with a "0". Seem the JSON response from google doesn't contain this property if not filled.

def getSearch(self, query):
        result = self.storage.getSearch(query)
            aaresult = self.getApi().search_all_access(query)
            for song in aaresult['song_hits']:
                track = song['track']
                playCount = "playCount" in track and track["playCount"] or 0
                duration = int(track['durationMillis']) / 1000
                self.main.log("RESULT: "+track['artist']+" - "+track['title'])
                               track['albumArtRef'][0]['url'],track['artist']+" - "+track['title']+" **",''])
        except Exception as e:
            self.main.log("*** NO ALL ACCESS RESULT IN SEARCH *** "+repr(e))
        return result
This is how I modified the getSearch method in GoogleMusicApi.py to a) fix the issue with accessing the playCount key in the result list and b) also fix duration info (you passed milliseconds instead of seconds)
Thank you da-anda!
I overwrote googlemusicapi.py with your text above.
Still no playlist content, but search now give a fast result.
Only a handful or two of tracks show up though when searching artists. I would like to get a result based on albums with the artist.
In order to satisfy all searches it would seem ideal to make a search query return a list with 1) artists matching search, 2) albums containing search query and below these 3) tracks containing search query.

Oh, and what does it mean when a track is followed by **?
I think ** is to indicate an all access tracks - didn't have a closer look though.
As for the grouped search results: This is unfortunately not that easy in XBMC AFAIK - at least not in form of a flat list with grouped sections (like global search addon which requires skin support). The addon could only create a folder structure you'd have to browse (at least from what I know)
Thanks for the feedback. Version below should address most of your problems:


** is used to flag All Access tracks, I'll remove it when everything is working.

For now I'm returning only tracks for All Access search, albums and artists implies in creating folders that should trigger another search, it requires more time to figure how to implement it.
if you implement albums and artists to the search results, DON'T fire up a new search but cache the result form the initial search. There is no need to fire up the very same search again only to list the matching artists/albums. (low power devices will thank you for doing so)
Also, you could add context menu entries to the found tracks like "go to Album" and "go to Artist"
No use to this post other than to say this is friggin' awesome work! I'll try and do as much testing as possible with your releases.

Great work again, foreverguest! Now for more comments and wishes :-)

When I try to add search results to the play queue, they get added and show up as next track. But - they don't get played. If I add a song that is already included in one of my playlists, it does get played.

I would also like to be able to add "My Library" or rather "Albums" to my favorites with the context menu.
When the track is skipped in the playlist, you can see any error printed in the log?
Right - forgot for a second that you cannot test it yourself - makes your work even more impressive.

I first chose Air from My Library, than searched for Manic and added Self Esteem to the queue, and then added Basshunter from my playlist to the queue.
No Offspring played... you have a look and see what to get out of it: http://pastebin.com/LwN7NVsC
there is your error:
Quote:23:41:59 T:2136 NOTICE: [GoogleMusicEXP-1.1alpha2] Track not in library :: {'action': 'play_song', 'song_id': 'Tuftzmd5fue7daz4boun72i5vsu'}
so the play action seems to check if track is in library which it ofc isn't.
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