2.35:1 (CIH) Skin Development
That was the hope. I had been working on Aeon Nox for a while and had quite a bit of it done. I tried out BigNoids 21:9 version but couldnt get it to work for me. Majority was off screen and large so I just went back to my old modded skin which is on here. I plan to try BigNoids skin again and manually edit the settings in Kodi (as its impossible when the skin is loaded as you cant see anything), I would rather being able to use his skin. The Confluence skin hasnt been done yet which is why I started editing that also, as the odd time I use it.
Tried the 2560x1080 skin again and same issues. Can get the skin repositioned with settings etc but still slightly off and then when movies are playing they are way out of position and need to be repositioned. Pity. Although have another idea.....
Ok. Watched a few movies with you skins in my theater. Very nice indeed and I like the scope masking button.
Personally I would have preferred if the GUI was within 800 pixels. I have a 2.40:1 screen and this would be less of a problem with movies that are little more than 800.
Then it does become obvious that these skins are made for TVs. Really the text needs to be smaller. It is annoying that your 130" screen can only display a few lines of the movie synopsis for instance. I do realize that it more or less requires a skin build for scope. Also in fanart of confluence, the highlighted movie thumb is smaller than the rest on the list, no too logic.
That is all the complaints I have for now. So far the skins are the best solution available for me as a zoomer, and it must be for others as well.
I wish I had the skills to make the changes myself, I have tried, but I lack even the basics. So thank again. And please keep up the good work.
Thanks for the feedback. I dont fully get the issue with the 800pixels and 2.40, is the gui spilling out over the screen? Would you want separate mask, like a mask for 2.40 and 2.35? I'll try and get some of these fixes in later this evening.

Tempted to make a skin myself but its the graphics department I'd struggle with. Trying to get inspiration on layouts from other skins.

Regarding the fonts I plan on making these smaller later. Its difficult working at it on the laptop because at times you think the font looks right only to find out that on the projector you could have reduced it a bit more. But I agree on that point, will sort that.
Also could you post in the thread in the Aeon Nox support forum : http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=229199 easier to keep track then. Cheers!
wrong thread
(2015-06-08, 21:15)Funkd Wrote: The scope overlay is in now. I added a button this evening that might look better (instead of a text button). As follows :

Without the scope bars :

Menu, see 2.35 button top right :

The result with scope bars on :

The only downside I can see to this is if there are hardcoded subtitles in the movie at the bottom.

Regarding switching skin aspect ratios I have it working but its a messy way by executing a script and renaming the folders so I'm still looking into that. You can have a 1080i folder and a 21x9 folder and can edit the addon.xml file but it requires a kodi restart to take effect.

I'm noticing in the bottom photo that part of the actual image on top and bottom is cut off. Is this the way the skin works or just a quick Photoshop job?

does Scope Nox also work with Aeon Nox Silvo ?
Hi Dr Pepper.

This is a different skin to Aeon Nox Silvo. Its based on the original Aeon Nox skin.
(2014-12-08, 18:18)Hitcher Wrote: But I've no idea how Kodi handles 21:9 displays so never found out if it was useful or not. Confused

Same here mate.
(2020-11-16, 12:32)jibranahmed Wrote: Same here mate.

Last warning, mate, as you continue to post nonsense messages.

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