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Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
tone map HDR using pixel shaders: output video in HDR format

  • This can work with the existing HDR tone curve of the display that may already be fairly well-optimized and most often tracks the 0-100 nits SDR range 1:1 with the PQ EOTF;
  • You have less control over the brightness, but it is easier to select a real display peak nits because you are only doing some processing for the display and not all of it;
  • The output can still take advantage of the extra peak brightness offered by the display's HDR mode to maintain a higher APL and provide the specular highlights with greater brightness and impact. It can also complement a display that uses dynamic tone mapping that should react to the precise brightness of the remapped RGB values rather than have to interpret the static metadata output by madVR;
  • madVR uses some extra processing to make compressed parts of the image sharper than the display should be able to produce, and possibly more accurate gamut mapping.

  • Double processing can be an issue. madVR may only have partial control over the tone mapping. A second tone curve could be applied if the display uses a fixed tone curve for all HDR sources. This may result in inaccurate colors and some clipping if the processing of the display doesn't match well with madVR;
  • There is less control over the brightness of the display curve;
  • It is more difficult for madVR's dynamic tone mapping to work when the display uses static tone mapping (one curve for the whole movie). madVR will still dynamically compress the brightest highlights for the display as they appear, but the display may further compress the image to some extent with a static tone curve;
  • It is difficult to predict how the display will react to the metadata output by madVR making it difficult to estimate the best value for the real display peak nits. Certain changes to the metadata may result in a very different selection of tone curves by the display (or in an ideal scenario, no tone mapping curve may be used by some displays).
(2015-06-13, 14:04)Sylus Wrote: Someone already tried the news versions with plexbmc?

I'm still having a number of videos in PleXBMC play in DVDPlayer, when they should be opening in DSPlayer. Not sure why.
This might be related to the plex settings. Directplay/Transcode. I can use directplay with DSPlayer without problems.
In the last couple of days I have started to get 'black screen freezes' after stopping a video and attempting to return to either epiosde or film menu. Nothing has changed in my system that I am aware of that might effect playback. The only way to navigate out the app is to kill it via Task Manager.

Currently using the Isengard 15.2 beta build from the first post and had been successfully until the last few days - not certain when this behaviour actually started - log file attached.


Should say that I have trimmed the log as the last entries are repeated, making the log file to large for any of the pastebin sites.
Thanks Warner306.

Having had a working a solution, I'm afraid family pressure led to a complete uninstall and reinstall, which cured the issue, so unfortunately I am unable to troubleshoot with that suggested solution.

I did notice this option when reconfiguring the new install, but I couldn't with any degree of certainty say whether i had chosen that option on the previous install. As I said there was nothing that I was aware that had changed, other than an update to the previous Isengard build (which was working for a few days, I'm sure, prior to this issue being introduced) - with the current one, so unless that option was introduced with that build nothing had changed.

All good and well at the moment, but will keep a close eye and report back any further issues.

Thanks again.
(2015-06-18, 15:13)Sylus Wrote: This might be related to the plex settings. Directplay/Transcode. I can use directplay with DSPlayer without problems.

I don't think I have any settings for transcoding. Everything is playing direct.

Can you show what settings you have in PleXBMC?

I was having another issue with PleXBMC, whereby it cannot detect and show subtitles for films that have foreign or cyrillic characters in the filenames. Plex finds them no trouble and when playing through a browser they can be selected. In PleXBMC they do not appear. This was the same with and without DSPlayer.
I've for the 1rst time tried the dsplayer version.
Unfortunately, for the audio, i've not been able to get the same behavior than dvdplayer.
I've an audio receiver connected by hdmi, and so i've in Kodi configured audio with wasapi and "best match" for audio channels.
This allow, when not in passthrough (because audio is flac, aac or any codec not avaible in passthrough) to send audio in PCM by hdmi, but in the exact same mode than the file played (2.0 or 5.1), and not always in 7.1 because it's the system speakers configuration.
Unfortunately, i've not been able to get this work properly with dsplayer. What should i configure and how to have dsplayer playing audio properly ?
Special attention should be paid to 24p playback. Some televisions can introduce audio sync issues in this mode due to high input lag or specialized processing. If this is happening to you, adding a fixed audio delay to 24p playback may be helpful.

Enter the following into advancedsettings.xml. This will add a global delay to all 24 hz content. The amount of delay required by your equipment should first be established in Kodi by using its internal audio delay ("A").
<!-- Example: display has 150 msec latency at 23-24 Hz -->

Save the above as advancedsettings.xml to: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\userdata.

To confirm the delay is active, press O (codec info) during playback.
Post removed...
I'm French and new with Kodi DSPlayer.
I have Windows 8.1 Professional with media Center and all my my windows updates are up-to-date.
I use the last stable version of Kodi DSPlayer : 14.2 Helix - build (20150423-4cab2be).
Here are some links of pictures that I have on my hard drive and when I try to read them in the slideshow mode in Kodi, I can see a border on the right side of the pictures that don't appear when I look at the pictures in a regular slideshow in Windows.


Could someone try to read these pictures in Kodi and tell me if they see those borders too, and tell me how to get rid of them, because I would like to be able to see my pictures without those borders.

I don't know why Kodi creates borders on some of my pictures (all my pictures are jpeg files and most of them appears fine in Kodi), is it because some of my pictures have been cropped and that the new formats are no longer supported image formats in Kodi.

If some pictures are cropped, is there a way to watch them in Kodi without borders?

Thanks for helping me.
Hi, I've run through the instructions in http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=222576 to set up Kodi with DSPlayer with LAV Filters, XySubFilter & madVR. It was suggested there to post this question in the main forum.

The issue I'm having is that the DSPlayer will not launch (no problem with DVDPlayer). Log is showing

16:27:38 T:3672   DEBUG: CDSGraph::SetFile Successfully added XBMC to the Running Object Table
16:27:38 T:3672   DEBUG: Found audio renderer device "Speakers (2- USB Audio DAC   )" (guid: {E30629D1-27E5-11CE-875D-00608CB78066})
16:27:38 T:3672   DEBUG: Found audio renderer device "ReClock Audio Renderer" (guid: {9DC15360-914C-46B8-B9DF-BFE67FD36C6A})
16:27:38 T:3672   DEBUG: Found audio renderer device "Default DirectSound Device" (guid: {79376820-07D0-11CF-A24D-0020AFD79767})
16:27:38 T:3672   DEBUG: Found audio renderer device "Default WaveOut Device" (guid: {E30629D1-27E5-11CE-875D-00608CB78066})
16:27:38 T:3672   DEBUG: Found audio renderer device "DirectSound: Speakers (2- USB Audio DAC   )" (guid: {79376820-07D0-11CF-A24D-0020AFD79767})
16:27:38 T:3672   DEBUG: Found audio renderer device "DirectSound: BenQ PJ-4 (NVIDIA High Definition Audio)" (guid: {79376820-07D0-11CF-A24D-0020AFD79767})
16:27:38 T:3672   DEBUG: Found audio renderer device "BenQ PJ-4 (NVIDIA High Definition Audio)" (guid: {E30629D1-27E5-11CE-875D-00608CB78066})
16:27:38 T:3672    INFO: CFGLoader::InsertAudioRenderer Loaded audio renderer list. Elapsed time: 55.37ms
16:27:38 T:3672    INFO: CFGLoader::InsertAudioRenderer Loaded audio renderer from registry. Elapsed time: 18.68ms
16:27:38 T:3672    INFO: CFGLoader::InsertAudioRenderer Added audio renderer to the graph. Elapsed time: 0.41ms
16:27:38 T:3672  NOTICE: CFGLoader::InsertAudioRenderer Successfully added "" to the graph
16:27:38 T:3672    INFO: CFGLoader::LoadFilterRules Loading audio renderer. Elapsed time: 76.57ms
16:27:38 T:3672   DEBUG: CRenderManager::UpdateDisplayLatency - Latency set to 0 msec
16:27:38 T:3672   DEBUG: CFGFilterVideoRenderer::Create Allocator presenter successfully created
16:27:38 T:3672   DEBUG: CFGLoader::InsertVideoRenderer Allocator presenter successfully added to the graph (Renderer: )
16:27:38 T:3672    INFO: CFGLoader::LoadFilterRules Loading video renderer. Elapsed time: 46.03ms
16:27:38 T:3672   DEBUG: CFilterSelectionRule::GetFilters: adding filter: lavsource for rule: un-named
16:27:38 T:3672   DEBUG: CFGFilterFile::Create Successfully loaded external filter (clsid:{B98D13E7-55DB-4385-A33D-09FD1BA26338} path:C:\Users\maarten\Downloads\LAVFilters-0.65\LAVSplitter.ax)
16:27:38 T:3672  NOTICE: CFGLoader::InsertFilter Successfully added "LAV Source" to the graph
16:27:38 T:3672   ERROR: CFGLoader::InsertSourceFilter Failed to load file in the splitter/source
16:27:38 T:3672   ERROR: CFGLoader::LoadFilterRules Failed to insert the source filter
16:27:38 T:3672   ERROR: CFGManager::RenderFileXbmc Failed to load filters rules
16:27:38 T:3672    INFO: CDSGraph::SetFile Rendering file. Elapsed time: 194.91ms
16:27:38 T:3672    INFO: CDSPlayer::Process Loading file. Elapsed time: 208.24ms
16:27:38 T:3672   ERROR: CDSPlayer::Process - Failed creating DS Graph

Full log at http://pastebin.com/S7gPafLJ. I'm using the DSPlayer starter kit as provided, without modification, located in C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\userdata\.

The OS is Win 8.1 x64.

- using Kodi Helix 14.2 from the DSPlayer thread
- madVR 0.88.12
- LAV filters 0.65, installed using the binary installer, either installing x86 version only or x86 and x64 both.
- XySubfilter is XySubFilter_3.1.0.705_x86_BETA2

using filtersconfig.xml and mediasconfig.xml as found in the abovementioned thread.

I went through the troubleshooting suggestions in the thread (reinstalling a few times, ensuring Use System Filter is unchecked in DSPlayer settings, etc).but to no avail. Any help is appreciated.
I mentioned this in another place, but this post should be moved to the official DSPlayer support thread.

I would try an older version of madVR (like 10 versions ago). The renderer has undergone a lot of changes lately and it is likely Helix DSPlayer is no longer compatible with the newer versions of madVR.
(2015-06-20, 20:00)Warner306 Wrote: Use ReClock as your audio renderer.

I've tried, configured Reclock in both wasapi exclusive and allowing bistream, because i thought it was the configuration which will create what i want. Supported audio format by audio receiver send in bitstream directly to it (ac3, dts, dts-hd, TrueHD, etc...) and unsuported decoded and send in PCM with the same number of channels than the source file.
Result was automatic faillure/reject when both of my no-regression test files received "unsuported audio format" message from Reclok ! But on one file, i've been able to get 2 channels.
I've tried, but clearly and unfortunately, the dsplayer version is not compliant with my files and my expectations.

Unless the reclock configuration for the behavior i expect is not the one i've made.
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