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Hello I was wondering if I do a backup then a factory reset then do a kodi restore from my back up will my super favorite folder keep all my addons or will I have to redo my super favorite folder again
You'll keep them.
OK so I created a few different folders like livetv addons folder kids add-on folder and a few others
So if I do a back up it will keep those folders with the addons I put in them in my super folder
Wouldn't be much good otherwise, would it?
Well I have 2 m8s boxes I just did a backup then used the image on my 2nd m8s and it did not keep my addons in the folders I made but it did keep the folders but not the addons within the folders is there something other than just doing a backup and restore that I missed
Shouldn't be.
If you really want to be sure though - after you've made your backup just make a copy of the whole kodi data folder.
Sorry but I do not know how to do that is there a how to posted in the forum
Thanks for the help on this[/b]
(2016-03-07, 22:25)trogggy Wrote: Shouldn't be.
If you really want to be sure though - after you've made your backup just make a copy of the whole kodi data folder.
I don't have your box, but I imagine your data folder is in internal storage, something like Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/kodi
That'll be a hidden folder.
Open up your android file manager of choice, enable 'view hidden stuff', navigate to the folder, copy. I'd just copy the whole org.kodi.xbmc folder.
Paste it to somewhere that won't be lost in your re-set - usb stick?
After re-set install kodi, paste folder back into Android/data, start kodi.
Thank you I will give it a try
Thread moved to program add-ons as Super Favourites isn't a video add-on
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sorry about about placing this in the wrong area
Just to confirm Super Favourites simply stores a bunch of files and folders in userdata/addon_data/plugin.program.super.favourites (by default).

So assuming you haven't changed that location and assuming your backup copies that location then it should be okay.

Obviously your backup program also needs to backup the addons folder so that when you restore the backup, the addons are also restored.

SF by default does not show items that reference addons that are no longer installed (this behaviour is configurable), which is what it sounds like has happened.
Me 2 I have same problem , my super favorites been erased after bakcup restore,anyone have ideaa how to save super favorites and restore with out desepearing?
It's not working! you can't resore your super favorite from backup! You can make a backup and restore but the super favorites all are gone after....

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