Android Amazon Fire TV - Kodi Does not work after update!
Hi All!

First time poster but i was wondering if anyone has experienced any issues with Kodi since the update for FireTV.

Since the update, Kodi does not get any internet access at all so will display listings etc..

I have an AppleTV 4 with Kodi and this still works perfectly so i know it is not something to do with ISP blocking access or firewall settings.

I tried to uninstall and reinstall but ES File Explorer will not open the file to install after navigating to the even by pressing "Open In Browser".

Any advice?
I've noticed, since the update that the wifi/lan interface is now in reverse order. so my ftp-server app wasn't working anymore because the server tried to bind to the remote wifi interface which failed, after manually setting it back to the lan interface it was working again.

Maybe kodi is running in the same quirk on your FTV.
Thankyou! I will definitely give this a go!!
Is this within Kodi settings? Smile

I'm new to the forum too and having the same issue. My Kodi had stopped working on my firestick so I thought I'd just delete it and download it again. I'm trying to download it using ES file explorer but when I click the download link it doesn't do anything. Any suggestions of how to get Kodi back?


Kodi works on mine (AFTV 4k) but live tv is crap now if it works at all.. often hangs on recorded tv and live tv is jittery.. i think they messed with the mpeg2 codec or something... HELP!!!

edit for wrxtasy: yeah i normally had mine set to inverted bob for 1080i over the air stuff and it was pretty outstanding.. now it seems pretty bad no matter which deinterlacing i pick
video_playback (wiki)

And play with the deinterlacing and possibly the video scaling.

(2016-05-26, 15:10)wrxtasy Wrote: video_playback (wiki)

And play with the deinterlacing and possibly the video scaling.

Disabled mpeg2 acceleration and things seem ok again.. Shew
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