Tapatalk default signature commercials - Ugh
(2016-09-27, 06:55)Kib Wrote: Thanks Ned. I can't blank it out because it has a different word ik the middle and the word filters don't do that.

Anyway we were just joking around, changing it to a link that points to this thread.

If you can change the entire message and the link, then you can blank it out. The original tapatalk signature sure as heck didn't say "look at this X porn". You guys did that. Now you're going to pretend like it didn't happen? Wow.
(2016-09-27, 08:31)Martijn Wrote: Yes you can change it in Tapatalk

Yes this is a customised Tapatalk signature as the default ones are stupid and no one cares what device you used.

So make a blank default (or a bunch of non-breaking-space characters so it doesn't show up). Problem solved, right?
This one actually made me chuckle:
You can just set it to "none" in settings
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(2016-09-27, 08:52)Martijn Wrote: You can just set it to "none" in settings

Sure, you could wait for them to do that, but I was under the impression that you guys were the ones annoyed by the default sig. You guys are also the ones who chose to enabled tapatalk, so it seems odd to voluntarily enable something and then troll people who are using the default settings.
If there's any other viable option besides Tapatalk it will be dumped immediately and switch to something else.
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Are you guys sure this can't be turned off on the admin page for the Kodi forum at the tapatalk site? (I guess one can log into there and set various options for a specific forum that way) Some quick googling shows that this used to be an option in 2014. Maybe they've changed it since then?
Yes this can't be done.

edit: actually it looks like they moved the settings and handily re-enabled them again.
I just found them in a different spot and have disabled the signature again. Let's see if this starts working.

I've modified the word filter to be a little funnier and strip off the Tapatalk commercial part, which is mainly what annoyed us.
Enabling the app plugin was a service to our users, but we do not like the way they are causing lots of commercials on the forum - luckily the word filters get applied after the post is done.

I encourage everyone to more typie typie !
(2016-09-24, 01:10)Kib Wrote: The signatures Tapatalk enables by default really are quite annoying.

So would you mind turning them off in the app ?

Thanks a lot!

Kib can we talk privately?
(2016-09-27, 22:31)vpnv4 Wrote: Kib can we talk privately?
I don't see a need for that, considering the posts you made on the forum so far.
Feel free to create a post in the correct forum if you have a question which doesn't break the forum rules.
(2016-09-25, 08:53)Ned Scott Wrote: If they have the ability to change the wording and make it a link (to this thread), they could have just as easily blanked out the tapatalk text completely. A lot of the people who had it turned on probably didn't realize it, and probably don't go checking to see if old posts suddenly got changed to porn ads. Granted, it's done in humor, and I actually did find it funny, but I wouldn't leave it that way.

The middle word of the sentence is different every time and the word filters don't do wildcards.
I change the beginning to inject a link start and the end to inject a link end, but I couldn't wipe the middle.

If I could, that's what I would have done!
You cannot disable it admin side without subscribing to their premium service..

It can then be disabled via the forums owner Tapatalk site settings

If you don't have the premium service then you are reliant on the users disabling it..

Sucks.. Yep I know..
Yeah, was too good to be true.
They also disabled push notifications all of a sudden.


I guess everyone just stay typie typie Smile
(2016-09-27, 23:48)Kib Wrote: They also disabled push notifications all of a sudden.
I was wondering why my notifications stopped Sad

That really sucks. It was literally the only reason I am using Tapa*talk. I wanted to get alerts of new posts in threads I am subscribed to and I hate extra email (prefer inbox 0) so this was a nice alternative...

Edited for sig filter Wink
We have 64000 people using the Tapatalk app so this is quite annoying.

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