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Release skin helper service
(2017-02-23, 14:19)marcelveldt Wrote:
(2017-02-20, 01:10)badaas Wrote: ATM I use
to translate the $INFO in a dialog as dialogs cant access them directly [strings/propertys etc. and vice versa].
So a way to set a string for use outside of dialog would help, ie.
http://localhost:52307/setvarimage&title=Skin.SetString{MenuDefaultIconsPath},$INFO[control.Get label(10)]

Well, the webservice is there only to display images. Abusing it for something like this is not possible.
It is however possible to provide a script entry for that so you can have it as an action.
But... If I'm correct you should be able to use the normal Skin.String even within a container.

Ok, marcel thanks. It was moreover an idea to get info 'out' of a dialog*.xml, as they dont share their infos outside of the window.
(2017-02-23, 16:04)marcelveldt Wrote:
(2017-02-23, 15:28)Guilouz Wrote: So changes are only apply for artists and not for albums and songs and widgets need to be reloaded after changes (because changes are only apply when items are launched)

I found the issue and just fixed it. Looks like this issue has been around for a while.
New version is now uploading to the repo

All is working now. Thanks.
 Estuary MOD V2 
(2017-02-19, 22:11)marcelveldt Wrote:
(2017-02-19, 16:06)the_bo Wrote: SkinHelper.ListItem.Year for moviesets is only displaying the last year, is missing the first year. E.g. only shows 2012, where it should display 2009-2012.

Thanks, just fixed that. Will be fixed in the next version
Note that the info is stored in the cache so you'll have to make a change to make it refresh. Easiest is to simply mark a movie in the set watched/unwatched.
I hope to upload the new beta later tonight or tomorrow.

Hi Marcel

This doesn't seem to be fixed in latest version. Have reset cache. Still only showing last year of set.

(2017-02-23, 14:40)marcelveldt Wrote:
(2017-02-21, 13:03)Blurayx Wrote: The default fanart background no longer displays the random fanart, When playing various artists albums. This stopped working a few months back.
I done a fresh install with only Titian skin installed. The default various artists fanart still not working.

Please explain to me what you mean with "default background / random fanart" and "default various artists fanart"
Please note that when you playback a "various artists" album, the artwork and metadata will be for the track artist and never for "various artists" as that is not an artist.

If there is no artwork/metadata for the track's artist, the skin will display it's fallback image.
In case of Titan it will optionally display the wall images or whatever you've set as global background.

Tell me step-by-step what you are playing and what you expected as result

I decided to installed jarvis with Titan Version: 3.7.23. As you can see from the screen shot, The various artist fanart works when kodi can not find artist data. This does not happen with krypton or Jarvis:Titan BETA

Jarvis:Titan Version: 3.7.23

various artist fanart stop working

Jarvis:Titan BETA

I've also notice in the passed few weeks, when I set fanart to Download to my folders it doesn't work.
Setup: LG OLED65B7 | Denon AVR X7200WA | OPPO UDP-203 4K Blu-Ray player | Nvidia Shield TV | KEF T205
My Favorite Skin: Arctic Horizon
(2017-02-23, 14:43)marcelveldt Wrote:
(2017-02-21, 16:15)biau Wrote: Thanks for your amazing work here !
I'm currently using estuary mod on krypton.
I like the default TV widget with the "next espisode to watch" feature.
But my problem is that I use kodi nodes on my tv shows to separate kids and adult TV.
And your widget does not seems to allow filter with nodes so I can see kids and adult next episodes to watch on both menu items.

Am I missing something here or is that the expected behavior ?

Nodes are not yet supported but I have plans to support that within a few weeks, including auto widget generation for playlists.
Atm there is support for tags. So if you tag some of your shows you will have widgets like recnetly added en next episodes for the shows with that tags.

1. Make sure to tag some of your shows, e.g. some tvshows with the tag kids
2. Go to the shortcuts editor of your skin and add a widget
3. Select Skin helper widgets --> Tv Shows --> Tags
3. Select the tag you created --> select your widget of preference.
Nodes support would be awesome.

I tried your solution using tags and I'm missing something or we are not talking about the same thing.

What I do have in estuary mod now:
As you can see, even if the menu entry use node filtering to open only adult tv shows the widgets provides also kids tv show.

Using tags this is what I get :

Not exactly the same WAF level :-)

But I guess I sould wait for nodes support.

And against, thanks for the job done
HI I am currently trying to make my own custom view on a skin I am modding for myself (my favourite bits from a few different skins), I am trying to work out how I can use the skin helper service to show artwork (i.e clearlogo & discart). I've looked through your view and includes variable xml's for Titan but can't seem to get the same result. I have looked on your skin helper settings on GitHub, and read that you need to enable the extended artwork scraper using Skin.SetBool(SkinHelper.EnableExtendedArt). How can I do this, and how can get the artwork retrieved to show in the view I am trying to make. I am a total novice, but I am picking things up slowly.... Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
(2017-02-23, 14:25)marcelveldt Wrote:
(2017-02-20, 16:24)woodside Wrote: Since the last update, using the multiple clearlogos control as below, it is kind of a hit and miss if the clearlogos show up. Artists that i'm sure had multiple clearlogos (lynyrd skynyrd, sara evans, guns and roses, metallica, and so on are not showing up most of the time. I just tested with Sara Evans and multiple clearlogos showed up then after a couple artists songs played she played again and nothing shows. It is kind of a hit and miss whether or not they show. I stuck a label control with the same info tag as the multimage control and it is blank sometimes with an artist and then with the same artist sometimes it is filled. Thanks.

Can you please test this again with the latest/current beta version as I fixed some bugs in the music artwork code last week.
Please let me know how it performs now.

If you still have issues, please let me know:

- If the issue is with library content or plugin content (radio, spotify etc)
- If the issue is with library content, does it work correctly in the media library itself ?

Seems to have been fixed with latest update and all is well. Thanks.
been getting this error sometimes since last update...

17:17:11.940 T:1356 WARNING: Skin Helper Service --> Traceback (most recent call last):
                                              File "C:\Users\Woodside\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\script.skin.helper.service\resources\lib\kodi_monitor.py", line 70, in onNotification
                                              File "C:\Users\Woodside\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\script.skin.helper.service\resources\lib\kodi_monitor.py", line 228, in set_music_properties
                                                result = self.metadatautils.get_music_artwork(li_artist, li_album, li_title, li_disc)
                                              File "C:\Users\Woodside\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\script.module.metadatautils\lib\metadatautils.py", line 92, in get_music_artwork
                                                artist, album, track, disc, ignore_cache=ignore_cache, flush_cache=flush_cache)
                                              File "C:\Users\Woodside\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\script.module.metadatautils\lib\helpers\musicartwork.py", line 51, in get_music_artwork
                                                ignore_cache=ignore_cache, flush_cache=flush_cache, manual=manual)
                                              File "C:\Users\Woodside\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\script.module.metadatautils\lib\helpers\musicartwork.py", line 126, in get_artists_metadata
                                                art += feat_artist_details["art"].get(arttype, [])
                                            TypeError: cannot concatenate 'str' and 'list' objects
17:17:11.940 T:1356   ERROR: Skin Helper Service --> Exception in resources.lib.kodi_monitor ! --> cannot concatenate 'str' and 'list' objects
Hi, I've tried using next aired episodes as a widget on different skins (currently using titan) but the next aired date seems to default to a random date in 1905. I asked about this in estuary mod forum but apparently the dates will only come up using the 'preset' TV shows widget on that skin. I'd like to have next aired at the top of my TV shows widgets if possible.
(2017-02-23, 14:35)marcelveldt Wrote:
(2017-02-21, 11:46)heula Wrote: In Krypton (kodi-17.0-Krypton) my widgets for Live TV channels and recent recordings are not working. Also last added music albums widget is not working.
No problem in Jarvis.

1. Did you allow the system some time to startup and fill the cache ?
2. Is your PVR guide properly filled with EPG data ?
3. You will need to provide a Kodi logfile if you want me to support with your issue.

Updated to 17.1 RC no change.

Question 1 - Yes
Question 2 - Yes
Question 3 - Kodi log
Hi @marcelveldt,

I've been trying to add a feature to you script.skin.helper.widgets script so that I can filter my widgets by source path.

I've changed locally your code to this:
def next(self):
        ''' get next episodes '''
        filters = [kodi_constants.FILTER_UNWATCHED]
        if self.options["next_inprogress_only"]:
            filters = [kodi_constants.FILTER_INPROGRESS]
        if self.options.get("tag"):
            filters.append({"operator": "contains", "field": "tag", "value": self.options["tag"]})
[b]        if self.options.get("path"):
            filters.append({"operator": "startswith", "field": "path", "value": self.options.get("path")})[/b]
        # First we get a list of all the inprogress/unwatched TV shows ordered by lastplayed
        all_shows = self.metadatautils.kodidb.tvshows(sort=kodi_constants.SORT_LASTPLAYED, filters=filters,
                                                 limits=(0, self.options["limit"]))
        return process_method_on_list(self.get_next_episode_for_show, [d['tvshowid'] for d in all_shows])

and eddited my skin.shortcuts entry to look like:
['mainmenu', 'seriesdetv', 'widgetPath.personalthumb2', u'plugin://script.skin.helper.service/?action=nextepisodes&path=nfs://$INFO[Window(Home).Property(widgetreload)]'],

Cleared kodi's cache and tried to run the script.

However it keeps retrieving tvshows that don't have path like is passed through filter (i.e. nfs://

I've tried to run the exact filter option with texturecache script and it retrieves only the shows which start with path: nfs://

Any ideas?

Image Image
(2017-02-26, 03:27)woodside Wrote: been getting this error sometimes since last update...

art += feat_artist_details["art"].get(arttype, [])
                                            TypeError: cannot concatenate 'str' and 'list' objects
17:17:11.940 T:1356   ERROR: Skin Helper Service --> Exception in resources.lib.kodi_monitor ! --> cannot concatenate 'str' and 'list' objects
Marcel stil have this isue , after manual or auto search art for artis when Artist have "&" in name that error is block all helper script.
Artist name "Angels & Airwaves" open three different selectdialog (I hit each time button "cancel" when open new dialogselect) and have same error in Debug Log and script is Out.
When Use "Refresh(Auto lookup), error is present to......
script.module.metadatautils version version="1.0.3"

1.Images:Selectdialog-I choose manual configure Artwork
2.Images:Selectdialog-Name for search Art "Angels & Airwaves"
3.Images:Selectdialog-Name for search Art "Angels"
4.Images:Selectdialog-Name for search Art "Airwaves"


One more for widgets top250 TVShows
22:05:11.936 T:3108 WARNING: Skin Helper Widgets --> Traceback (most recent call last):
                                              File "C:\Users\TEST\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\script.skin.helper.widgets\resources\lib\main.py", line 143, in show_widget_listing
                                                all_items = getattr(media_class, action)()
                                              File "C:\Users\TEST\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\script.skin.helper.widgets\resources\lib\tvshows.py", line 170, in top250
                                                if KODI_VERSION > 16:
                                            NameError: global name 'KODI_VERSION' is not defined
XBoxMediaCenter (Kodi Matrix ) 19.0 , AndroidBox -Matrix Skin AeonMQ6
Skin helper seem not able to read Hyperlinks... So in case of most biographies plot outlines are not showing up. Please fix this.


I've been trying to show the names of the casts for a movie in a View.xml to have them directly with the plot. I think I understood I had to modify IncludesViews.xml (for the titan skin).
For a simple test, I replaced in that part :
<include name="MovieDetailsTop">
<control type="group">
<!--Writer: Movies, Episodes-->

every "ListItem.Writer" by "ListItem.Cast"
and every "Property(SkinHelper.MovieSet.Writer)" by "Property(SkinHelper.ListItem.Cast)"

But I don't have any cast's name appearing in the view.
How and where do I have to call the cast list to have them directly in a view?

A little help would be appreciated!


Not sure if this is something you can fix in the script, eliminate decimal points on box office dollars.

Not in the picture below, but can you add a decimal point to tvdb? It displays 9 instead of 9.0


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