USB DAC Automatic Shut Off Issue Arch Kodi 17
Hi All,

My USB DAC/amp (sony UDA-1) automatically shuts off after no input has been received for 30 minutes. I believe this is to preserve the life of the DAC/amp.

I previously had kodi running through kodibuntu and all I had to do was turn the DAC back on and music would play just fine. Since switching to audiolinux (arch), when I turn the DAC back on after auto shutdown, it does not reappear in the list of audio output sources.

note1: my DAC works fine in kodi if I turn it on, then open kodi and chose it as the audio output.
note2: I think the auto shut off function is there for a reason, so I don't want to use the "keep device alive" option if I don't have to.
note3: I'd like to stick with arch as this particular distro (audiolinux) handles music apps and audio streams well.

Any help would be well appreciated!

Sounds like a pulseaudio issue or is arch using something else? So I would search in this direction.
What if you use another source but kodi? Does it find the dac as source after auto switch off?
I think its using alsa.

I did a test:

1) DAC on, things working
2) Turn off music stream, DAC autoshut off
3) Close Kodi, turn on DAC again, open a music file in VLC
4) Choose DAC from audio devices >>> and VLC outputs to the the DAC and I can listen

So to answer the question, yes other apps can recognize the DAC if it is turned back on after autoshut off.
and to experiment further,

closed VLC, went back into Kodi after the experiment above and poof! the DAC shows up in the audio output devices list...

any ideas?
(2017-03-20, 02:04)buzuddha Wrote: any ideas?
Yes, with buying audio-linux, you've bought support. So make use of that!
This forum is about kodi and relevant issues and not as a support for proprietary OS.
Quote:AudioLinux scripts and RTapp Copyright P. O. 2014-2017. AudioLinux image contains proprietary software. It cannot be copied without removing the corresponding software. AudioLinux is not a separate Linux distribution but only a customized Archlinux image for audio. For all legal and copyright issues please refer to The payments reported below are for support, customization work, proprietary (non-GPL) software, usb stick, shipping. AudioLinux is made from audio enthusiasts and economic gain is almost irrelevant in a country (Italy) where in this case you must pay up to 40% taxes...

From my side of view, the site has no imprint either, it's not clear if audio-linux complies to arch Linux policies:

Even 'Linux' isn't stated as a trademark itself...

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USB DAC Automatic Shut Off Issue Arch Kodi 170
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