3 monitor issues
I'm having several annoying symptoms with my 3 monitor setup that seem to only be related to Kodi. I am running Windows 10, Kodi Krypton 17.1, Aeon Nox skin, Dell IPS U2312 though displayport , Dell IPS U2410 through displayport, and a Samsung 4K 6400 series through an HDMI. Video card is EVGA 950 GTX SC 2.0.

Issue 1 - Kodi forgets what screen it is assigned to. I have it assigned to monitor 3 which is the Samsung, but it will randomly send the signal to monitor 2 on start up eventhough the Samsung is still set as #3, and Kodi is still assigned to open in #3. It doesn't always do this but it happens eventually.

Issue 2 - Similar to issue to 1 but it will actually change the Kodi monitor assignments and get 2 and 3 mixed up. It has even gotten to the point that it changed the monitor assignments in Windows but that only happened once. Sometimes I have to assign kodi to open in #2 to get it to open in #3.

Issue 3 - pressing alt-enter or "\" actually increases the size until it covers multiple monitors. Reducing it again makes it jump from 3 to 2, then 2 to one. After a fresh boot and everything reset it doesn't always do this but it will revert to this problem eventually.

Issue 4 - Monitor 2 will lose it's resolution setting and revert to 640 x 480 with the option to change it greyed out. Restart fixes this automatically but it keeps happening.

Issue 5 - this one just happened and I haven't figured out how to fix it yet. The icons from monitor #1 appeared on monitor #3 as if monitor 3 is the primary monitor. I did change 3 to primary monitor but I changed it back. The icons are back on monitor 1 and Kodi still opens to the correct monitor, but when I do something on monitor one it stops playing Kodi as if it thinks monitor 3 is the primary. I can't get this reset and now I can't use my computer to do anything else while Kodi is running. Can anyone offer any advice? Thank You...

***Update*** I fixed problem 5 by turning on (-Use Fullscreen Window) after I read the description about multi monitors. Ironically enough I thought it was this setting that caused the first problem I had with the monitor assigments. I fixed the 1st problem I had by turning this off, now I'm fixing it by turning it on. This is frustrating. If I don't figure this out my girlfriend is gonna make me go back to the Amazon Firestick for Kodi. Please help me stop that from happening.
Turning on (-Use Fullscreen Window) has solved my problem for now. I'll update my struggles in the future though in case anyone else is having similar issues. I have noticed a couple things that seem to trigger problems. One is dragging the Kodi window from screen to screen. Another is shutting the monitors off. Alot of problems come up after I turn them back on. Another is setting any display settings to something other than what is recommended. I hope this fix sticks this time...
Yes there is edid handshaking between your displays and the computer Creating and using edid.bin via xorg.conf (wiki) and this pertains to the pin 19 trick Displays (wiki). In general Kodi was meant for a home theatre set-up with a 10 foot interface and we're straying from that quite a distance. Kodi does remember the last co-ordinates it has, but as soon as the handshaking is lost, it defaults to what is primary launch screen. Best bet is to use Kodi in windowed mode, this way you can control with drag bar, and as long as screen is open, will revert to a placed position, close out Kodi before you turn off the display. For the most part the video card controls how your set-up is used and what is primary, secondary etc . You might get some hints from messages regarding multiple system displays, but best bet is to just keep one display open when your GF is around, or revert to the android device.
ive got the problem, that kodi in windowed mode cannot remember the the last position on windows desktop after a reboot. i think it centers the window then. my pc has to reboot every morning and then i have to drag the kodi window on the right place,

then sometime occurs the problem that Kodi changes to a big window that fills multiple monitors, that occurs sometimes after pushing "/" or "alt+enter", i use two monitors.

kodi 17.1 windows 10
It was messed up again this morning. It was playing just fine on the 3rd screen. My gf came back in from the kitchen to find it had moved to screen 1 after a video ended. She then tried re-assigning it but it was already set to screen 3. She said she tried assigning it to screen 1 but it would just set itself to screen 3 immediately but remain on screen one. A reboot of Kodi fixed it. It seems like whenever the screens go into sleep mode it gets messed up. I'm going to try getting rid of sleep mode and set up a screensaver instead. Most problems I'm having are fixed by either restarting the computer or restarting Kodi. I'll try windowed mode and see if that helps too.
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