Change Progress Bar Colour
Hi. New here so apologies if I've posted this the wrong place. I would like to know how to change the colour of the progress bar because as its going across it is very similar to my theme colour. For example when using a wizard to back up as it goes across the screen from left to right with also the %. Using Aeon Nox skin and Krypton 17.1. Thanks
If you are wanting full colour customization try the titan beta skin
As it's probably the easiest to customize as there's a settings page just for colour customization
I actually change the full colour of my system at least twice a month lol
Its a bit late in my custom build to change it, just can't remember what I changed or if I did. It may just clash with my colour scheme but I need to change it.
Any ideas anyone please?
Change the Colordiffuse
The colourdiffuse says FFe5e5e5
FF means the transparency of the color e5e5e5 is the color in RBG
I have googled it for some other colours like fffff0, and made the changes but the progress bar stays the same?
I guess you have changed the wrong line. In Madnox i have changed some files to change the color of all progress bars.
So i guess you found one progress bar but not the one you like to change.

You need to dig further into the code to find the progress bar you like to change.
(2017-05-19, 23:09)dazzawm Wrote: bump

dazzawm did you define the color in xml prior? I don't have my laptop near me at work but I believe you need to first define the color and then can change it. I believe in skin.aeon.nox.5 there should be a colors folder and then an xml inside.
There is a colours xml but I wouldn't know which applies to the progress bars.? I would post a screenshot but don't know how to.
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