Carpc help please!
Running Kodi with CarPC carbon skin.  Connected via USB DAC function into my HEC USB Module (Helix DSP).  All is well but I do have a few large folders with 1000+ songs in them.  This causes Kodi to choke badly.  I can see it do a complete scan of the folder.  Then it seems to function ok.  This happens everytime I power on the unit and go into that folder.  I am running this on a Raspberry PI 3 and the data is on a USB SSD Drive.  My tablets and kenwood headunit run this perfectly.  I figured this would build some sort of database that would keep a record of what was in there so it did not scan this everytime?  I tried to go into ADD MUSIC but I could not point to the drive... What else can I do to speed this up?
I noticed if i leave the folder and go back in there is a long delay also.. like it updating something or looking for something...
Using music with Kodi directly via large folders/files can be a time consuming experience, especially on a under-powered device such as a Raspberry Pi. Using the music data library should speed certain parts of Kodi with large[r] music collections.

(2018-01-05, 04:28)Copyright Wrote: I tried to go into ADD MUSIC but I could not point to the drive
How are you playing music then? The usb ssd drive should be mounted when the RPi boots up, and be available via the Files section.

Can you SSH into LibreELEC when started, and give us the result of blkid | paste as well as mount | paste ?
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Music plays fine.. i just use the carbon PC skin and go to files and select the music I want to play.. the problem is it takes forever scannign each folder i go into and leave because there is a lot of songs in them.  I have used XBMC in the past and figuerd well I can go to music and do ADD MUSIC option and create a databass which should speed things up... it just doesn't show my external SSD in there.. even tho it will play music from it i cannot find the drive in the ADD MUSIC area.... This Raspberry Pi stuff is all new to new to me.. I have it working great and it sounds far far superior to my highend kenwood double din thanks to a very nice USB DAC im using.  I'm so close to making this my daily source.. I just have to build some sort of database so it doesnt drag so badly
Yep you definitely need to use library mode. It should work with external SSD's fine, I do it on my local install.

Just make sure you tag all the folders with something that is identifiable and can be split up using nodes/smartplaylists or whatever.

Loading 1000 songs in a single node is always going to be slow due to icon caching (or reading), so you will have to split them up somehow.
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Also, I would be quite interested in a showcase of your kodi car setup.

We have a forum here to show off your stuff Wink It could help others including me!
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