v18 Does Kodi Now auto update on Android?
I switched on my Nvidia Shield earlier today and noticed my version of Kodi 18 had been updated from RC4 to the latest version available.
I was quite surprised, as I have my addon updates set to 'Notify, but don't install updates', so was curious how my current version of Kodi got updated automatically?
Has anybody else experienced this happening? Do Kodi updates now happen automatically?
It won't update itself, but outside agencies (primarily the Google Play Store) will do so.

The default setting for the store is to update, iirc. It's entirely outside of Kodi and our control.
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Thanks for the reply.
Will that only happen if you originally downloaded Kodi from the Google Store?
Or will updates be downloaded and automatically applied once the Google Store knows a Kodi update is available, irrespective of whether a user originally downloaded Kodi from their store or not?
Regardless where you got it from. Provided that the app id and signature is the same
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I logged on and saw Kodi Leia.  Thing is... it doesn't work on my Nvidia shield.

I don't know what happened.  Maybe it takes awhile to install correctly.  I have no idea but I can 't watch anything.
(2019-01-31, 05:18)wdpcpa Wrote: it doesn't work
We will need a bit more information than that, perhaps you can provide the debug log (wiki) for further examination.
Thread moved to Android
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Hi ! I found a solution that works for me until Google gets their act together.

Kodi updating to Leia makes my build a total loss. There are no skins that I am willing to work with that will work on Leia. I have too much time invested to let an update nuke my build.

I had that happen to 3 of my Kodi installs. I also had a 4th install that was left on but remained untouched by the update. I had removed my account on that one.

First, if you have a Google account that is used on your Android box, it WILL show up in Play Store as one of their Kodi installs on your box. I have never installed Kodi VIA Play Store but, Kodi shows up as it’s one of my installs from them and gets updated to Leia.

The fix is to shut off all Play Store updates (but not yet). That sucks, but take one more step and it becomes less painful - put any Android device with Kodi on it and create THEIR OWN Google account. After, shut of Play Store updates. Hopefully that new email addy satisfies you and takes care of all your Kodi installs.

Another benefit of adding a new account this way is that you get 15GB of storage to do whatever you want with. Consider it a great opportunity for backups that could save your bacon, it did mine.

That allows updates on your phone and other Android devices to still get updates. Reminder! Even if Kodi is off, allowing Play Store updates WILL update your Kodi. I know because it happened with me.

I (think) I know what I'm doing and I don't need Google updating my Kodi for me.
If I remember correctly it is possible to turn off app updates on an app per app basis in the play store too.

Under my apps you can select the individual app (Kodi in this case) and then in the menu button on the app page you should also have an auto-update setting that you can disable.
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Is that possible on Android 7? I have seen commentary that said it is possible on Android 8.
Yes it is.

At least my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (Android 7.0) can do it.
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Thank You. I will dig harder into Play Stores settings and stop their 'invasion' of my Kodi installs.

It's difficult to make this a short story, but I will do my best.

I used my tablet with Android 8.1 and went to both Google accounts that are on it. Found the option on both accounts "Enable auto update" and made it unchecked on both. Kodi was good for the day and I thought I was done. Next morning, I turn Kodi on and 'yikes', Leia upgraded my Kodi 17.6. Sad

Went into both Play Store accounts on the tablet and Kodi is still show "Update pending" in both. Yet it has been updated through some manner outside of my control. My Nvidia Shields are on only 1 Google account that is also on my tablet.

I still believe the problem is with Google via Play Store. Why? Because any apk that is installed by sideload, Google will ignore it as 'not one of theirs' and sideloaded apks do not get updates. But my effn' Kodi shows up in their Play Store and it should NOT.

The Kodi on my tablet is still 17.6, possibly because it was shut off after I last used it. My 2 Nvidia Shield TV units are normally on 24/7 and they both got wacked with the Leia update. All 3, tablet and Shields are on the same Google account.

I will return to locking down their common unique Google account to "Don't auto-update apps" and hope this nightmare ends with that.
A few last words.

As per the suggestion by DarrenHill, 2 of my devices are locked out of Kodi upgrades.

The real problem is that no matter what browser I install, I cannot get a normal Play Store window that reveals the option to uncheck automatic updates on Nvidia Shield devices. The opt out has to be done on every device Kodi is on, even if all the devices are on the same Google account.

I can log in to play store but minimal settings are install/uninstall and that's about it. Trying more in depth settings defaults to the ridiculously minimal black Nvidia panel.

I hope any of this is able to save somebody frustration and time.
Unfortunately that one's not really one we can help with, much as we'd like to assist. Our policy is not to force anyone to update unless they want to (as part of our wider policy of supporting users controlling things via informed choice rather than having decisions made for them).

You'd have to raise it to Nvidia and how they present the store and control updates from it.
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