Does anybody want to maintain VNSI?
I won't maintain VNSI anymore. IMO VDR is kind of dead and I won't spend my very limited time to maintain this addon.

I switched my systems to tvheadend. Who would have thought that this ever happens Smile

If anybody wants to continue on this, let my know. I can transfer ownership of the git repositories.
I guess I will resync your repo with kodi-pvr, making kodi-pvr/pvr.vdr.vnsi upstream for pvr.vdr.vnsi again.

There, I will keep it buildable and working as long as possible, like I do with some other orphaned addons, but not more. Next l larger breaking pvr API addon change will kill it (and others).
Oh that's bad and good news!
I've got vdr running since the days only dxr3 cards were able to play back TV... (still have 3 of these lying around :-)
I hope the addon will keep working for a while!
I hope there will be developers who would take over the maintenance of this great plugin further.
There is a large community of users who are relying on VNSI (VDR) because for one reason or another TVH is just not an option.
Really sad news.
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Thank you FernetMenta for your great work at vnsi in the past.

Kodi and Vnsi is the best network solution I have found. In short, all of my recorded movies are accessible without external programs or with manually customized configuration files.

i follow the work on vnsi since the beginning of Live TV integration and i hope someone skilled programmer will follow.

Best Regards
uh very sad news.
Here is the discussion in the German vdr-portal:

Regards Hoppel
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Dear FernetMenta thanks a lot for all the great effort you made with VNSI.
At my  Raspberry it's still the best standalone solution to watch Live-TV.
Indeed, very sad news. To me, TVH never gave the same, good experience, while VDR & VNSI has always run rock solid.

I guess, you must have had your reasons, but if there was a chance you might reconsider your decision, I know there is a large community behind you, that would be very grateful.

I was hoping with the recent updates, VDR would eventually get more attention in the kodi community... sad, sad.

However, thank you for your tremendous work and support. Would love to see VNSI getting maintained in future kodi versions.
So few issues with vdr and vnsi over the past 6 or 7 years here. I do not visit the vnsi forum that often. Just out of curiosity after upgrading to 18.x I wanted to see what's going to happen. That's some NEWS I would say. *gulp*

Err, well I do not judge and hope that vdr/vnsi will at least work as long as I could figure out some alternative for me or vnsi getting a new maintainer.

With this I want to thank FernetMenta for his dedication and great support of the plugin in general and also during my early VDR/VNSI times where I had some serious understanding issues :-) Danke!
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@FernetMenta Even dead VDR is still more alive than tvheadend :-)

Big thanks though for all the great work you put in! Myself, friends and family enjoy VNSI very much so I hope it will live on for many years to come.
What did make you change to tvheadend btw?
(2019-06-08, 04:44)villeneuve Wrote: What did make you change to tvheadend btw?

VNSI is not maintained anymore and unmaintained software breaks sooner or later.
That's true of course but VDR's strong point are it's more native frontends anyway since they offer all of VDR's standout features like cutting video. So for me VNSI is just a very nice additional possibility to use VDR with, so I would not change to tvheadend just because VNSI is in danger of surviving. I guess your usage of VDR is different to mine then and Kodi is your prefered/default frontend, isn't it?
(2019-02-02, 14:48)FernetMenta Wrote: I won't maintain VNSI anymore. IMO VDR is kind of dead and I won't spend my very limited time to maintain this addon.

I switched my systems to tvheadend. Who would have thought that this ever happens Smile

That are really sad news. Nevertheless big thank you to all your work in that many years.

I've tried tv-headend some years ago. But I didn't get my dual tuner card with Multicable running. And editing the channel list in a web-frontend is really awful.
Now we have faced the unmaintained issue. After Kodi 19 update whole VNSI plugin is disabled due it is not supported by Kodi 19. As far as I understand same issue happened for majority of Kodi plugins so we VNSI users are not the only ones in troubles. Workaround is stick in in Kodi 18.9 which is for a while very decent solution.....except the Kodi 19 to 18.9 downgrade part which is bit painful for sure compared automated installations from Google Play.

Maintainer is seriously needed here. I believe it is the Python 2 to 3 issue that blocked VNSI plugin from new Kodi.

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