No LiveBuffer, no replay in Live TV
Suddenly I discover I have no LiveBuffer so I cannot skip backwards while watching live TV. The left-right arrows on my remote do nothing. Recorded video works fine. Lots of free disk remaining.

Up to date Kodi 18.1 on Windows 10 Intel NUC, with HDHomerun tuner and NextPVR 4.2.4 (190307). I notice that my NPVR plugin had also recently auto-updated to 3.3.15. I made no active changes to the system. (If it ain't broke and all that.)

Is there anything I can do about it?
Oops. Upgraded quickly to Leia 18.2 but no change in behavior. No pause or rewind in Live TV.
First confirm that you have LiveTV timeshifting or extended timeshifting enabled in the setting.  If that still causes problem provide your Kodi debug logs.

Okay, you got me there. I have not found this LiveTV timeshifting setting. All I know is one week everything working great, next week no pause or replay.
I went through all of what I thought were the pertinent screens (NextPVR 4.2.4 Settings, and Kodi NextPVR add-on configuration and LiveTV/PVR menus) and I did not see any particular setting for LiveTV or Extended timeshifting.

Please tell me how to enable this setting.

Scroll through the highlighted option...

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And once again, I answer my own question moments after asking it. The setting is "Settings - NextPVR PVR Client > Advanced > Live TV Stream > (Extended)Time Shift". Kodi restart required.

Looks like I got my pause and replay back. Thanks for adding to this feature!
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