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Kodi + Shield + Dolby Vision
(2021-01-20, 22:57)fandangos Wrote: Posted there and it would be a good idea if other people do the same.

Also there's a new firware from yesterday. It might be a good idea to redo the testing and check if they silently fixed DV playback.
I tested the new NVidia firmware with the latest code drop from you. I should have posted yesterday...

I ran the sequence I normally do - play each of the makemkv.com test files in sequence - P4, P5, P7 FEL, p7 MEL and P81.

On the first pass - all 5 played fine - looked good. Diva reported frame rate switching and LLDV signal being sent.
I also "stopped" a few roughly 1/2 way through. System went back correctly to non DV mode and rate switched back to the default I have set (59.9Hz)
Looked good so far - never saw the dreaded Spinning Wheel of Death.

On the second pass, P4 played fine, P5 started with a black screen - but Diva reported that the stream was LLDV.
At this point, every file just displayed a black screen - but again, LLDV signal and frame rate switch would be shown as expected.

Now the interesting part. I then played a few SDR and HD10 videos - played fine.
But, any DV - mkv, mp4 etc. displayed a black screen.

So, exited Kodi and tried the native Netflix app. Played a DV video - black screen. Did show switching to LLDV mode - but all black (and sound was fine). Also, subtitles displayed correctly...
Played a non DV video - fine.

At this point, I read about Plex reporting a "Dolby Vision decoder crash".  This appeared to be the case!
I needed to restart the Shield to get DV working again.

As @MrMagic said, this has been reported (by Plex and others) and in fact [email protected]nvidia has said they are looking at it.

Crossing fingers that a fix by NVidia will at last get this working!
(Of course, I am ever the optimist ;-)
@JGrana01 good find about the Netflix app also giving a black screen. This shows that the problem really lies with the Shield and not Kodi (as @fritsch already stated before).
confirmation about Shield not support  Dual layer dolby vision
Quote:Unfortunately, the Shield ignoring EL was confirmed to me by an Nvidia staff as well.
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Even though this thread seems to have only Shield users, maybe there are people with other devices that can't play Dolby Vision yet.
Here's a build for both MP4/MKV playback for armeabi-v7a devices (FireTV Stick 4K, maybe others?): https://mega.nz/file/9cEHHSRB#WswI51WR5L...52xVqsYTMs

Combined PRs https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/18965 and https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/19099
Installs as the same package as fandangos' build.
Built from this branch: https://github.com/quietvoid/xbmc/tree/d...oska_build

Looking for feedback if it fixes issues with Sony TVs especially (at least if they're 32 bit, I don't know).
If FEL is a no-no for Shield and probably any other similar devices it's going to be a bit disappointing, I guess the problem is not in the way MKV stores the DV layer and being a LLDV is should be possible to process the layer before to send to the TV, that's exactly bluray players does, but with two tracks instead two layers.
P7 FEL do work.
@fandango : Your latest builds have micro stutter on 1080p 23,967 content. In Kodi 18.9 the same content is smooth.
(2021-01-21, 23:45)Koloss Wrote: @fandango : Your latest builds have micro stutter on 1080p 23,967 content. In Kodi 18.9 the same content is smooth.

Both have the same code for DV.
(2021-01-21, 22:46)fandangos Wrote: P7 FEL do work.

I think what they're saying in that makemkv forum thread is that the Shield doesn't process all the data from a P7 FEL rip, so the picture doesn't look as good as it could?

Not sure though, that thread is getting quite technical in some posts Smile
Does that mean the Shield cannot play all DV formats from a hardware perspective or a firmware perspective?
The Shield can play all the formats, but it does not process the FEL.
So basically you get the same output for both profile 7 FEL/MEL as well as profile 8.1.

It's fool proof, can play all files.
However the same behavior could easily be implemented into Kodi, to standardize the Dolby Vision output from any HDR10-based profile to 8.1, making it compatible across devices.
I just installed the Kodi 19 RC modification posted here a page or two ago that allows for DV MKV playback. It does so for GDrive streaming, which for me works better for playback than Plex itself (for some reason I don't know. And I don't mean on video playback, but on actual buffering and such).. dunno if it works with Plex add-on becuse it hasn't been ported over to v19 (sadly)..

I got a Shield Pro 2019 in December and I'm loving it so far.. recently purchased a good OLED TV to go with it, too. But the TV has made it not have space for my UHD blu ray player (compatible with DV too) so, I am forced to use Plex and my own backups of the discs I own. I like it a bit more since it's convenient, minus the fact that I have troubles with audio downmix but that's entirely different. The point is that playback is good with me though I keep hearing issues here about how Shield has issues with the new DV profile.. I dunno. I hope that can get fixe eventually since that's my only way to play DV out of discs for now.
I forget to add, I love the add-on but I wish it didn't have those other adds-on I don't care about that just give more size to the app. Now I have to have Kodi v19 and this fork in the same device, because I hear Kodi said they don't plan to add support for MKV DV in a while
(2021-01-22, 03:17)DavionB473 Wrote: I hope that can get fixe eventually since that's my only way to play DV out of discs for now.

You mean playing DV content that was ripped from bluray? Becasue a bluray player shouldn't have issues if it supports DV and if your TV supports them. Or did you mean if you rip the bluray and try to play the file via kodi?
(2021-01-20, 16:49)quietvoid Wrote:
(2021-01-20, 16:23)teof13 Wrote: Is DV working on Sony Android TVs too?

Try it for yourself..
Only mention I remember: https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/issues/1889...-752788833

I can confirm it’s working on my Sony x900h and also working on Nvidia shield tv (standard).

Is there a reason why there is no modified Kodi 18.9 with dv support?
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