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Release TIDAL music (former WiMP)
Thanks, I'll try this!
Kodi Matrix on Raspberry Pi4 4GB Libreelec - Gigabit Ethernet - Served from unRaid shares
Estuary skin - Netflix plug-in (CastagnalT) - Amazon Video Plug-in

Kodi Matrix on Pi4 in the car with USB storage and Mausberry 4A Power supply w/safe shutdown - HiFiBerry Digi+ optical out to Alpine PXA-800
Will gapless playback work?

I have an unused Pi 4b board here, need to find a case and quiet cooling solution.
(2023-03-31, 15:52)khuntim Wrote: Will gapless playback work?

I have an unused Pi 4b board here, need to find a case and quiet cooling solution.
For gapless playback see posts #697 and #333

There are a lot of cases for the RPi 4B, for instance the "GeeekPi DeskPi Pro V2" or the "Geekworm NASPi V2.0".
But it is better to use an active cooling. I'm using the Noctua NF-A4x10 5V fan with my Compute Module 4 on the Waveshare CM4-IO-BASE-B base mudule and the Waveshare CM4-HEATSINK.
I connected the 4cm fan together with the CM4 module because this has also 4cm holes for the screws. The Noctua fan can be connected to th 3-pin fan connector on the Waveshare board.
Hey @arneson, I just did the upgrade from Matrix to Nexus and had to notice that the context menu entry 'Queue' is no longer present, only for the TIDAL2 addon, for normal library entries it is still present.
I mean, these entries to add songs or albums to the current playlist or to play them next is absolutely essential in my opinion - can you do something about it or is this a Kodi thing?
ROCK Pi 4B / LibreELEC 11 / KODI 'Nexus'
Hi @C.O.D, it seems that there is no context menu item anymore to queue an item when an addon generates an item list.
You can use the Q button instead to queue an item.
Otherwise you can set a keyboard command to the actions "Queue" or "PlayNext".
You can insert the missing context menu items if you modify the items.py source file as follows:

python  resources/lib/tidal2/items.py:

def getListItem(self):
li = xbmcgui.ListItem(self.getLabel())
if isinstance(self, tidal.PlayableMedia) and getattr(self, 'available', True):
li.setProperty('isplayable', 'true')
artwork = {'thumb': Const.addon_icon, 'fanart': Const.addon_fanart}
if getattr(self, 'image', None):
artwork['thumb'] = self.image
if getattr(self, 'fanart', None):
artwork['fanart'] = self.fanart
# In Favorites View everything as a Favorite
if self._is_logged_in and hasattr(self, '_isFavorite') and '/favorites/' in sys.argv[0]:
self._isFavorite = True
cm = self.getContextMenuItems()
# Add Queue and PlayNext context menu items
if isinstance(self, (tidal.Track, tidal.Video)) and KODI_VERSION >= (20, 0):
cm.append((xbmc.getLocalizedString(13347), 'Action(Queue)'))
cm.append((xbmc.getLocalizedString(10008), 'Action(PlayNext)'))
if len(cm) > 0:
return li
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Wow, nice of you, thank you very much!
ROCK Pi 4B / LibreELEC 11 / KODI 'Nexus'
Hello, would you help me wit tidal login? Which file so I have to load from android to have it working on tidal 2 app installed on latest libreelec? I have tried to read the token from windows app but it seems to be not available over there anymore.
1) Search the web for "TIDAL apk mirror"
2) Download the latest original TIDAL apk there (the apk file not the bundle)
3) Upload this apk to a shared folder of your LibreELEC system
4) In LibreELEC open the TIDAL2 addon settings
5) From there choose "Select device type from TIDAL APK file"
6) Search for the uploaded apk file and select it
7) Choose device type "Automotive" or "Tv"
8) Choose "Login" on the TIDAL2 home menu
8) Login with the code link URL which is shown to you
Thanks for your help. It works well. I have one more question, is it possible to add tidal as a source to music library.
Hi @thedogg,
I allready tried to build up a virtual library directory with strm files containing the TIDAL2 playback urls for tracks, but this doesn't work. It seems, this only works for video files and nor for music.
If you find another music streaming addon which integrates itself into the Kodi music library, please let me know, which addon it is. Then I can look into this addon how it works.
Hello TIDAL2 fans, I hope you are still there Music

There are good news. Totay I released the TIDAL2 addon version V2.1.3 which has following new features:

I added PKCE (Proof Key for Code Exchange) as second OAuth2 login method additionally to the device code link method.
  • Now every device type from TIDAL apks can be used to login
  • The correct login method is determined automatically
  • For more informations how to use the new login method, I updated the README file in my TIDAL2 repository with informations how to log in and select the right device type.

Now TIDAL2 supports HiRes FLAC playback.
  • TIDAL supports HiRes FLAC playback since V2.87 of the original TIDAL Android app
  • There are 4 new device types available: 'Hi Res', 'Dolby Atmos Hi Res', 'Clear Hi Res' and 'Clear Dolby Atmos Hi Res'.
    Please use the 'Hi Res' or 'Clear Hi Res' device type, because the Atmos device types will use Dolby-AC4 which is not playable with Kodi, yet.
  • Only the 'Hi Res' device types will play streams in FLAC up to 192 kHz, 24 Bit.
    All other device types will play MQA master audio or simple 16 Bit FLAC.
  • For more information how to play HiRes music, look into the README file.
  • HiRes tracks and albums are marked with a new "HiRes" label extension.
    • You will see that a lot of albums and tracks are now shown as HiRes instead of MQA.
    • Pleas note that HiRes playback is defined as "24 Bit" playback, regardless of the samplerate (44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192 kHz).
    • Only 16 Bit FLAC files (44.1 or 48 kHz) are marked without HiRes!
    • There are still some albums and tracks which are not available in HiRes but in MQA quality.
  • The Explore page has now a 'HiRes' folder to browse for HiRes content

Added experimental support for TIDAL live broadcasts.
  • Live broadcasts can be found under 'Home'->'Live'

Other small changes:
  • Added a search method for user profiles. Please note that not all device types support this.
  • Inserted missing context menu items "Queue item" and "Play next" to tracks in Kodi 20

If you use my repository from here: https://github.com/arnesongit/repository...p?raw=true  you will get the TIDAL2 addon update automatically.
Otherwise you can download the new addon here: https://github.com/arnesongit/repository...p?raw=true

Important for Linux users:

All Kodi versions for Linux platforms have a problem with the inputstream.ffmpegdirect addon, because it can't play MPEG-Dash streams.
It seems, that the developers of the Linux distributions forgot to compile the Dash demultiplexer into the addon.
This is why I implemented a simple MPEG-Dash-to-HLS converter into my TIDAL2 adddon, so the FLAC content in Dash streams can be played with TIDAL2 on Linux platforms.

To have the best playback result, you can compile the inputstream.ffmpegdirect addon by yourself with integrated Dash demultiplexer.
I wrote a short description how to compile it in this README-Dash file of my TIDAL2 repository.
With this method I compiled the addon successfully for my x86_64 Linux and Raspberry Pi 4B platforms. I use LibreELEC 11 on PC hardware and on a Raspberry Pi 4B.
Now HiRes MPEG-Dash playback works on my LibreELEC boxes Nod

Enjoy HiRes playback !!
Hi @arneson,
thanks again for all the effort you put in. Glad you added the context menu items in the end - thanks to your help though, I was able to add them for albums as well, just like it was under Matrix. As for the inputstream.ffmpegdirect, maybe someone who knows compiling well can provide it for all of us?

Best regards
ROCK Pi 4B / LibreELEC 11 / KODI 'Nexus'
Hi @C.O.D.

I compiled the inputstream.ffmpegdirect addon for Linux PC and Raspberry Pi 4B and put them as installable Zip files a my new github repository inputstream.ffmpegdirect-binaries.

Please try out.
Best redards

I'm very new with Kodi (Libreelec) and i just installed the Tidal2 package and it works but i cant see it as a Tidal connect on my Tidal app.
Did i maybe do something wrong with the installation or is it not meant to be a Tidal connect addon for Kodi ?

If it does not work as a Tidal connect app what would be the best way to control this through my phone that has a similar experience like Tidal ?
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