Playstation 3 Bluetooth Remote: Wake up from standby?

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Levi Offline
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yesterday I connected my PS3-remote via the MSI USB Bluetooth Adapter to my ASUS EB1012 (Win7 x64). It works fine with the PS3 Remote application, but there's no way to wake up my HTPC from standby with it. The red dot still blinks (I guess it's power supply), but the blue LED doesn't flash up. I already gave all devices in the device manager the permission to wake up from standy, but it still doesn't work.

Can anybody help? Thanks!
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joshuass Offline
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I've never ever gotten any of my blue tooth peripherals to start a machine from standby.

And to make matters worse, if I set my computer to standby, when I bring it back up, I have to reset my blue tooth connections.

So basically, I don't think its possible, because of how blue tooth connections are handled. Blue needs windows to facilitate the connection, and it can't if its in standby mode.

Thats why you have remotes that are infrared. Infrared receivers don't need a computer to understand a remote code to power up the machine.

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No idea, but see if you have some setting called "wake on usb" or similar in your bios and make sure it´s enabled.

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piipes Offline
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Does wake up work somebody?
I can wake my pc via logitech bt mouse and keyboard
[Image: logitech-dinovo.jpg]

But ps3 remote wont work. I have second bt dongle with ps3 remote.

Is there some registery tweak, how to enable device wake up option? I can't remember it.
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Now ps3 remote can wake PC.

Just flash usb-uirt to ir button what you want. Smile
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