n00b questions: no info/art, and can't populate folders

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Hi all,

I'm a total n00b to XBMC. Just installed it on the AppleTV2 and worked out how to get it to see my Rivet-shared movie and TV folders from my Mac using UPnP. Got two issues - first is a general XBMC problem, the second a Shade-specific one.

1: no matter what I do I can't get XBMC to display any art or info. I got them all set up with the right scrapers and auto scraping, but all the files show up as basic filenames with screengrab thumbnails. Plex had no issues getting this info.

Secondly, with some skins such as this one, Shade, an extra two folders are added to the home screen - Movies and TV Shows. Despite having my own folders set up in the Videos section, I can't get anything into these extra folders at all. Doesn't seem to be a way to add content to them.

Any tips? Or is this an AppleTV issue?

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Info doesn't appear on folders, info appears on movies and tv shows. You add the sources in videos, set them as movies or tv shows, scrap them and then they are on movies or tv shows. This is how xbmc works. Most skins do this.

Dun have an apple tv so might check elsewhere in the forum probably they can be more helpful
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