[HELP] Enable Subtitle button on OSD Controls
I've switched to the SVN release for Shade, but I've lost thr ability to click the OSD subtitle button while playing a movie -- that will pause the currently playing and allow me to loaf a subtitle file prior to resume, where it will be decoded and superimposed immediately on resume.

I know this must be some setting that I enabled in the non-SVN release, as when I switch back to it, the subtitle button is enabled again. I've tried a few different things, including other skins, but can't seem to find the option that enables this button -- in any skin, other than the original Shade release I was using.

Could someone please let me know what setting I've missed that enables this for all skins, but mostly for the Shade-SVN release, as I love Shade and would like to stay current with it (on the SVN release)?

Thanks in advance.
Never mind... Setting in skin.

I'm an idiot and will look more before posting.
Also I looked this up yesterday but you can also press the "T" button on your keyboard to toggle subtitles.
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[HELP] Enable Subtitle button on OSD Controls00