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(newbie) hardware install questions
I bought this setup.
this is my first time putting together a computer.
im still waiting on the RAM and the Fan.
1. my question is where do i install the fan?
2.why do i need an extra fan if the mobo already has one fan built in?
3. on the case there are plugs for led power and etc. the paper explaining the cables does not show these 4 cords.
is it safe to say white is ground?

thank you for your help.
I am very excited about this build.

#1- here

#2- to help cool down possible excess heat generated because PSU
is mounted on top of the CPU heat Sink Fan ...

#3- usually yes, white & black are Grounds...
even if u mess them up, dont be afraid, you PC wont explode...
Thank you!

one more question
what is the COM HEADER-CN2 the case does not seem to have a cord for this connection.

And thank you again.
Sounds like an RS-232 port to me. Nothing you'll need to worry about.
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(newbie) hardware install questions00