[WINDOWS] XBMC + Logitech Harmony + IMON IR/IMON Manager

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v0va Offline
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Hey Guys,

I hate doing this, but this is my last resort. I'm trying to get this working.

I have Antec Fusion Black Remote with IMON Manager with the VFD and Internal IR.
I mostly use XBMC and Boxee for my media.

The IMON Pad works perfectly with it and I have XBMC start with the Go button and Boxee with the App Launcher.

Now, I got a Logitech Harmony One and I'm trying to set it up.

How do I do it? Nothing has been working for me.
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Jay_M Offline
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Not sure exactly which Antec you have but try this thread. I don't have any personal knowledge but I've read that that remote is difficult/impossible to get working with XBMC.
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