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"Recently added" on playlist menu - MQ2
Hope I'm posting this in the right place

I'm using smart playlists to filter movies and tv shows, on Aeon MQ2; so I've disabled my standard "movie" and "tv show" menu items.
But, this means I no longer get "recently added" and similar info.
Is there a way I can get that functionality onto my Playlist's submenu? Or even as a menu item on it's own.
i.e. I need to see recently added stuff even though I'm not using the normal movies and tv show menus.

In some skins, i.e. Transparancy, you can make those submenu items favorites. Then add them wherever you like, I can't describe how it is done, but it can be done from one of the screens. I think maybe if you are in files mode?

Good luck,

"Recently added" on playlist menu - MQ200