"Recently added" on playlist menu - MQ2

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Question  "Recently added" on playlist menu - MQ2
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Hope I'm posting this in the right place

I'm using smart playlists to filter movies and tv shows, on Aeon MQ2; so I've disabled my standard "movie" and "tv show" menu items.
But, this means I no longer get "recently added" and similar info.
Is there a way I can get that functionality onto my Playlist's submenu? Or even as a menu item on it's own.
i.e. I need to see recently added stuff even though I'm not using the normal movies and tv show menus.

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In some skins, i.e. Transparancy, you can make those submenu items favorites. Then add them wherever you like, I can't describe how it is done, but it can be done from one of the screens. I think maybe if you are in files mode?

Good luck,
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