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Playlistwalker (a playlist generator script)
i'm running your updated v3 and it cleared all of the old playlists fine, but then it appears to get stuck on the next step.
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any ideas?

i uncommented two portions and slightly modified them:



any ideas?

thanks for the work btw. :d
hmm it has to be with the progressdialog.
to turn off the dialog change the

xbox = true
xbox = false

this will get it running, but strange you get this , i tought i fixed it.

anyway, i have some new ideas to make this script more useable, so if all goes well, i will add a new version. but it may take some time i make it.(and that version will be more effective, and stable)
in 'class dialogprogress' i changed all of the xbox == true to xbox == false and now the script appears to do nothing :p
i ment only change the xbox = true on the top of the script
but either way does the trick.
still not able to get it working. i tried changing various xbox == true to false and when i run the script now it just says running next to the script then stops. and having around 200 artists, it should be taking a few minutes. :help:
sorry had to do some other stuff first.
i have cleaned up the script now. tried to add some error handling on the progressdialog so it's unlikely to crash.
i changed the biglist command so it looks like this :

hope this fixes the previous problem Wink
workin great, thanks man. i really appreciate your work. Smile
wow, this is right on the cusp of being incredibly useful.

super work.

however, i'm having problems getting the walkdirectory,storebigplaylistdirectory to work with the smb walk.

can someone help with the syntax?

hi. bigplaylist is only implanted in the hdcommand.

there is a limit in the smb library of prossessing only 32(folder and files) in a list for every folder that is prossessed.
this could be fixed now using the new execute httpapi command that was recently exposed to python.

i could perhaps look into this if there is any interest in this script.will see if i have any spare time to do it.
you certainly have my interest.

i keep full seasons (& sometimes multiple seasons) of tv somes on a smb share. i want a script that will play an episode randomly. alternatively, if i can get a script to build a randomized playlist of all of the episodes in the folder, i'd just keep playing until i'm done.

the 32 files limit per folder shouldn't be a problem. move tv shows only have 20 - 24 episodes.

i'll keep watching here. hope you find time to look at this again!

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