Skin Help (2 questions)

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Hey All,

Thank you in advance for any help. 2 quick questions.

I have the chappelle's show as a TV show and for some reason the logo continues to show as Logo Missing, even though in the folder is a logo.png of the chappelle's show that the script downloaded. I've tried removing the TV show source and re adding without success. Any thoughts?

In Neon, can you change the Watched Overlays? I previously used Night.Purity and was able to do so in the addons/skin.night.purity/media/dialogs folder, but I don't see such a folder in Neon. Any ideas?

Fantastic Skin BTW! Loving it.

Thank you so much,
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Try updating the logo via the show's info screen, if that doesn't work wIt 24hrs for the cache to update.

For the watched overlay, just create the folder media\dialogs\movies and drop your image there.
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