My videowall style backdrops
Joey's Video Wall Style Backdrops - now with DIY!!

This has been done by Joey in Media Browser a long time ago.
Updated the links, now giving a shameless bump Smile

its possible to upload the style on psd?

Could you please explain in detail how i can get this in the Rapier skin to work?
You have to go to Skin Settings -> Backgrounds. Select the section/category where you want to change the background and press the Single Image button. Select the path to your background image.

You can select to show it in the home screen only or also to show it in the libraries.
ah i tought this was a real live wall Tongue is there any skin that has this kind of wall? or are the custamisable?
Do you mean a live wall with a lot of videos as a background?

Sorry, but that's not possible Smile
No i mean if you go to the titles screen of the movies, can we change that to some kind of wall? looks awesome
In Rapier, you can change the view settings for each section of the skin. Press left or up (depending on the current view type) and press the View button in the top options menu bar. The view you are looking for is Wall.

You really should bring this to the Rapier section of the forums instead Wink
I just pm the dev of it, i know about the wall but its not exactly the same as the picture Wink i just tought this was a wall plugin or something :p
Hi TBinfection.

Hope it's ok with you that I have submitted 3 image resource add-ons to the official repo containing some of your images (a blue, grey and red pack).

This way, the backgrounds will be available from within Kodi Smile

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