Just wanted to say have not used neon for a long old time but gave it a try today, what a fantastically polished skin with so many view types!

I also got iplayer on the front page as part of favourites, what a great idea.

I just have one small request, in poster view in tv shows, when you drill into a particular show it does not say what the season number are, it jus says 'simpsons' or what ever top left. Not particularly difficult with 2 or 3 seasons, but things like the simpsons is a bit of a guessing game.

Any chance the season number could be put somewhere on the view?
I'm sure that can be accommodated. I'm switching development over to Eden at this point, so any future additions will require nightly builds. (I'll still do bug fixes for xbmc repo version).

Thanks for the kind words,
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