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Change Log
  • Add "loading" animation to the recently added thumbs for home
  • Add banner.jpg support for banner view
  • Add detailed weather information on home when weather icon is focused
  • Add option for shutdown in the main menu
  • Add option for original style OSD
  • Fix label placement for seasons in LowList view
  • Search for and eliminate any file name errors for case sensitive file systems

4/30/11 (v.0.9.0)
  • Fixed Custom Options not being able to press back
  • Fixed watched indicators on PosterWrap3
  • Fixed "no option to hide games"
  • Fixed some file name errors for case sensitive file systems
  • Added Lowlist viewtype
  • Added Banners viewtype
  • Added options to hide the new viewtypes
  • Added a new animation for movie sets for PosterWrap, PosterWrap2, and PosterWrap3
  • Updated animations for recently added items on page and added focus shadows

4/17/11 (v.0.8.8)
  • Option for Movies/TV takes you to titles (done)
  • Option for Music to take you to Artists (done)
  • System info on settings screen (done)
  • Fix 24hr clock (done)
  • Subtitle support (done)
  • Optional Media Flags for in views and info screen (done)
  • Option to hide "SD" flag on several views. (done)
  • Fix Yes/No Dialog (done)
  • Add Advance Launcher to home menu as "games" (done)
  • Option to hide top bar while in viewtypes (done)
  • Option for black top bar (done)
  • New Poster view (done)
  • Support for several different coverart sizes for Advanced Launcher (done)
  • Updated Hulu view (done)
  • Bookmarks.xml is done (done)
  • DialogSlider.xml is done (done)
  • Extrathumb Support for info screen (done)
  • Fix broken busy animation (done)
  • Fix settings tabs(categories) not showing for add-on settings (done)
  • Various texture tweaks (done)

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