[Windows] Need help with HTPC output resolution
So I'm not entirely sure if I just have a peculiar set of hardware, or if it's just that I have no idea what I'm doing.

I'm using an E-350 HTPC connected via HDMI (with optical audio) to my Onkyo TX-SR605 receiver which outputs all HDMI to my 720P Pioneer Kuro HDTV.

When I'm using a device like my bluray player, or a game console, or my DVR box I'm able to set the output of those devices to 1080P and the video looks 100% normal on my TV. My receiver passes the signal, my TV accepts the 1080P signal, my TV displays the 1080P signal at 720P.

Now here's the part I can't figure out: My new E-350 box automatically set itself (in Catalyst Control Center) to 1365x768, which is apparently the native resolution of my 720P Kuro. If I set the resolution in CCC to an HDTV resolution such as 720P or 1080P my display looks like utter ****. I mean it doesn't even look close to normal.

I was ok with just using 1365x768 desktop but I noticed last night that XBMC was not changing the refresh rate of my HDTV to match the content I was playing.

What am I doing wrong? Do I need to just fix my XBMC config? Am I not using CCC properly? Am I stuck with what I've got considering my current AV equipment?

try 1280×720 in CCC
I'm not home right now but I may have to try that. Will CCC scale that to my resolution?

I guess the part that I'm confused about is WHY can't I just set the output to 1080P like all of my other devices?
if your HDTV is 720P. then thats what it is.,,
meaning, set your htpc screen resolution to 1280×720
It's not 720P, it is an HDTV that accepts 720P & 1080P signals and has an output resolution of 1365x768.


My point though..every piece of hardware in my entertainment center outputs 1080P and my TV capable displays it at it's output resolution, Why doesn't this work with my XBMC box?
anyone? final bump
Galacticus Wrote:anyone? final bump

I'm struggling with almost the exact same issue as you... I just built a HTPC with an 880g chipset (AMD HD 4250 built-in graphics with HDMI output). Trying to get it to show on my Pioneer 50" plasma... But like you, it can only display 1366x768. When I set it to that resolution, it looks a little blurry and has a one inch black frame around the entire image. Why can't I get it to display as crisp as my TiVo or PS3? by the way, I have experimented with 720p and 1080p resolutions... No fix. Have you solved this?
Also, my plasma model is pdp-5070hd

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[Windows] Need help with HTPC output resolution0
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