XBMC Emulator setup similar to this...
Hi people!

#New here so first to tell you that after 3 years (last time I checked XBMC) and coming back to it half a year ago that you made excellent, excellent progress and made it the best frontend without mentioning the awesome multiplatform support! The only feautre I am eagerly waiting to see is the PVR part, but launching external TV app works for me at the moment.


Anyway. I am in need of a little help! I found this video on youtube and would like to make something similar on my PC-Windows XBMC install.

Now. I don't want to waste your time. I found a lot of emulator threads using google but now I have too much info so (a lot of old threads also) I would like to ask you if you could point me in the general direction concerning what I would need to make it work and I can then proceed on doing it alone.

Thanks in advance and sorry if I asked/missed something that pops up quite often!
ALA or RCB are the most common addons to perform this task. You will have to find out which one fits your needs.

The author of ALA is also maintaining a wiki about installing and configuring emulators in XBMC: link
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XBMC Emulator setup similar to this...00