Posters On, But Only Show Banners
I updated my AppleTV 2g and reinstalled XBMC and Neon skin. Re-adding my library and I have posters set, and NOT banners, but almost every TV show icon and season icon are showing banners. A couple are showing posters, but the majority Banners.

I've tried playing around with the settings, but no go. Any thoughts?
Did you configure the scraper to use posters?
Well in the scraper section of NEON I can only find what site it uses for info (ie TVDB). But in the main settings I've set as posters over banners. So for almost all the TV shows I've got banners when scrolling trough the show with a few as posters. But when clicking all the shows I get posters for the seasons.

This didn't use to be with the previous version, so I'm not so sure what's going on.
Double check the scraper settings:

Settings > Addons > Enabled Addons > TV Information > TheTVDb > Configure. Make sure "Prefer Posters" is enabled.

The Posters/Banners in the skin settings has no bearing on the scraper, they are to enable/disable certain views.
Thanks, I didn't have that checked. I'll update the library and let you know if it still acts up.
Update: Seems to have been resolved. Appreciated.
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