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beatledud Offline
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So I have an AppleTV 2G. Sorry to ask, but how do I install a pastebin link into an addon on my atv 2g?
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Hitcher Online
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Copy and paste the link.
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jungaker Offline
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this is the log!!
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DDDamian Offline
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Now describe the problem Smile

System: XBMC HTPC with HDMI WASAPI & AudioEngine - Denon AVR-3808CI - Denon DVD-5900 Universal Player - Denon DCM-27 CD-Changer
- Sony BDP-S580 Blu-Ray - X-Box 360 - Android tablet wireless remote - 7.1 Streem/Axiom/Velodyne Surround System
If I have been able to help feel free to add to my reputation +/- below - thanks!
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mal2 Offline
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(2011-05-06 04:16)beatledud Wrote:  how do I install a pastebin link into an addon?

That question doesn't make any sense to me. Can you rephrase?

Possibly with a little more background about what you're trying to accomplish, what you've tried, and what isn't working.
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