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[RELEASE] Rapier 4.00 RC1 for XBMC Eden
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Rapier v4.00 RC1 (16-Aug-11)

This will probably be a quick RC before it goes final. If you find any bugs/inconsistencies please let me know.

If you have a previous version of Rapier installed, it is recommended that you reset the skin settings by going to System->Skin Settings->Reset Skin. You might also want to delete the Textures.db file in userdata->database of your XBMC profile directory.

Check out the readme.txt for full installation instructions.

Download: Rapier v4.00 RC1

You can follow Rapier's development or download the latest snapshots via GitHub


+ views: added small cover style for thumbnails view
* home: redesigned the way the sub menu system works
+ home: each category now has a different background
* views: aded another media info label to thumbnail view
- player: fixed viz menu nofocus button having wrong texture
* views: added a border to covers for list info 2 thumbnail style
- settings: fixed missing option to hide fanart for tv shows thumbnail view
- player: fixed music info panel not showing
* settings: disabled info window buttons that weren't read only for kiosk mode
* settings: separate setting to hide home sub menus
+ settings: added support for 4 more custom menu items for a total of 8
* views: updated list banner style to contain more media info labels
+ settings: added option to hide the seek bar during fullscreen playback
* home: changed home icon to xbmc logo
* Do not disable menu bar sort options if there is no sort direction
- player: fixed long slider dialog text from being cut off
+ settings: added option to hide overlay for list view banner style
- home: fixed menu text image problems for polish, spanish, swedish, and hungarian
- fixed cover dimensions being too big in favourites dialog
* home: updated sub menu buttons
* home: removed the background glow from home menu
* updated the look of the default background
+ settings: added a notification if script.favourites isn't installed
- settings: fixed background image preview aspect ratio
+ settings: added controls to adjust the dim level of backgrounds and fanart
* settings: removed option to disable media playing background dim
* views: removed thumbs style from list info 2 view
+ views: new view called thumbs info now available for albums, movies, and tv shows in poster mode
+ views: new mixed style for list views that combines short and tall lists
+ views: added some focus animations for list views
+ settings: added option to turn off star rating for music and addon content
+ settings: added option to disable the focus animation for all list views
+ added support to tvtunes script
* updated breadcrumbs to be more consistent
* breadcrumbs now support showing tv show titles and folder names in file mode
* views: disabled scrolling of media info labels
* labels in media info windows are now selectable
+ added a border to covers in media info window
* removed next track label from top bar notification when song is playing
* views: updated the layout of wide list view
* views: shortened the height of wrap list view scrollbar
* when a scrollbar is hidden, it will now appear when it has focus
* home: removed list item icons from recently added panels
* views: changed the focus background of icon view
* focus selection now wraps at the beginning and end of of drop down menus
- home: fixed recently added fanart missing dim
* settings: ability to reset custom categories
* home: updated the look of the menu
* updated the look of the top bar
* updated the look of some top bar icons
* media info in player controls are now selectable
+ added option to use white colour theme for media flags
* views: renamed wide icon view to banner
* views: tweaked wall view animations
* views: added watched overlay for wall view
* views: content panels for list views now look darker
* disabled visualization showing in settings window
- home: fixed album title not showing for recently added albums panel
* views: tweaked wrap info view focus animation
* replaced all default fonts with a new set
* settings: reset skin option moved to the category area
+ settings: added option to show rating instead of genre for movies thumbs and wall view
* updated about window to add skin license information
* various font style tweaks
* various animation tweaks
* updated studio icon collection
* updated localization for english
Well that was a pleasant surprise today! Looking forward to taking this for a spin.

Seems i found one font issue in polish version.
Seems like in word: ZDJECIA letter with diactritic mark is not correct.
Thx for update. Smile
Info OSD (when you press I) doesn't seems to work and weather disappears on homescreen.
reFocus - Simply the best

Good work, i know this is a beta but can i make a few suggestions please:

Black background with white highlight bar
Play disc as an option on the home screen
Not a fan of the sliders for on/off

Other than that, some great changes, looking forward to seeing the release candidate.

holly cow, THE BEST!!

Could i request a PVR version of this skin??
it's killing me to know how much i love this skin, and how i cannot use it because i'm using PVR builds :-(

pretty pretty please??

None the less, i'm testing it now on the HTPC in the living room and have come across a few thoughts/bugs.

* I realise this is a BETA version, so much of what i have to say may already be in the works, but i feel i'll point them out anyways.


#01.TV Shows: At episode level using - View: LIST INFO 2, is it posible to have the fanart box on the left show the Episode Thumb instead??
#02. Home Screen: Would it be possible to at a subtle "up" arrow (or something) above the home screen selections, indicating that there's a submenu. Right now, it's hidden to the user... and there is no way of knowing that pushing "up" on the home screen menus allows extra options, unless of course you've used Rapier before, or accidentally push UP! haha... as you can see, it's confusing.

#03. Power options: can there be a separate "clearly destinguished" menu item for power options?? right now it only appears if you click on SYSTEM, however... this is confusing, because you'd expect this to take you to the SETTINGS menu :S
#04. Settings screen: does not contain ADD-ONS settingsHuh the only way to get there is to push "up" on system in the home menu, and without a "Clear" way of knowing you have to push "UP"... how will the normal user find this?? (by luck is my guess) hehehe :-P
#05.Music views: Can there be more of these? (not a big deal, just like to have the option) :-P

Custom Backgrounds: When trying to select multiple backgrounds, i cannot get to the "OK" button to select a default folder, instead i have to go all the way to the right of the selection box, beyond the scroll bar in order for it to drop down to the ok button. But this causes the ''ok'' button to select the SINGLE last highlighted image not the whole directory.

Scarfa very nice!

If your looking for input, I really like the custom backgrounds - but could there be a "global" setting? So just one image could be defined to replace all the standard bright blue backgrounds you've got going on now?
Nice scarfa !

Gonna take this puppy for a spin, the 3.0 version was my default skin
pre dharma - mainly because it had a clean pro looking interface, it was snappy
and the screen real-estate was well used.

Hope this is still true Wink
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This skin look much better. But I still want to change homecategories text image in to my language.And I found incorrect word "general".
This in new rapier
This is my image text to use in general category it mean "general category"
nice skin !
simple , fast , clean !
[b Wrote:
#02.[/b] Home Screen: Would it be possible to at a subtle "up" arrow (or something) above the home screen selections, indicating that there's a submenu. Right now, it's hidden to the user... and there is no way of knowing that pushing "up" on the home screen menus allows extra options, unless of course you've used Rapier before, or accidentally push UP! haha... as you can see, it's confusing.
The little Menu bit does look really nice, fits perfectly with the look of the Skin too so it's not out of place.
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i haven't installed the skin yet. but it seems to be very nice!!
one question: is there a seperate category for HD-movies?

i will install the skin within the next days when i'll be back at home.
where to add / edit studio logos in the media folder of the skin?
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I have two additional issues:

In the pre-Dharma version, the menuitem "videos" led to the "files" view. Now it seems to direct to the last viewed state, e.g. when i was in "tv shows", "videos" opens the same view. The "files" view was way better in this. To get there now, one has to open the sub-items via "up" and choose files there.

Second, the smooth animation of the selection bar in lists adds some kind of annoying delay. It would be better to disable this, or make it optional...

Other than that, im FINALLY back to my favorite skin!

Keep up the great work!
This is an awesome skin. Installed it to try it out and still with it.

The only request I have is volume level during video playback. Shows in menus and all that but not during playback.
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[RELEASE] Rapier 4.00 RC1 for XBMC Eden1
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