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I am in the process of deciding to ditch my satellite provider here in Canada and set up an OTA HTPC setup.

Is Live tv with a full epg at an acceptable level now a days to pass the wife acceptance factor? Is it relatively stable.

I have no problems with basic LINUX set up and Windows of course.

Any recent screencaps of VDR in action with EPG?

It should work OTA without many problems. You'll need the atscepg plugin to do a channel scan with the right little twiddly bits to pull in the epg. Then it should work out of the box (as they say) as long as you use a VDR version 1.7.16 or greater.

Getting it to work with XBMC/Pvr is pretty straight forward once VDR is working as you want. Get it working with xineliboutput and vdpau then try xbmc..
Do I need to run the backend on another PC or does VDR run on the same client PC as XBMC does. I ask because I am running unRAID as my fileserver and don't really want o set up a second box or resort to a Windows server or Linux server.

Ideally I'd just use HDHomeruns for recording which are network tuners anyways.

I think there is a HDHomerun plugin but am not 100% sure. Yes, it'll run happily on the same machine..
there's no hdhomerun pvr addon (yet).
the backend can be on any machine, as long as you have a network connection that is fast enough.
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I can't see much point in putting homerun support into xbmc. It needs to be connected at the backend level. A homerun is essentially a network tuner, not a set top box (like an Enigma2 box). It has no storage for recordings etc..
I like hdhomerun idea but it doesnt support dvb-s2 Sad

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