ir-keytable or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying about the LIRC Kernel
Hey, since this thread is a bit old already I figure that people are hardly having trouble with ir-keytable or are rarely using it. Anyway, I hope someone still reads this and can help me, since I decided to also get rid of lirc with my new gear ... first of all, I am using a classic MCE remote RC6 protocol with original Microsoft USB IR receiver.
I uninstalled everything lirc related, and started setting up ir-keytable according to howtos. Worked pretty quickly and basically without problems. I can test the remote using ir-keytable and all buttons are recognized. I took the rc6_mce table file to /etc/rc-keymaps and started to adjust the keys, since some of them weren't working with the default key file (like Back, Info, Menu etc.) Basic buttons did work directly like Up/Down and so on.
I activated debug logging in kodi to see which keys are hit in kodi.log.

Lets take the Back key as an example. In the keymap file it's labeled KEY_EXIT by default This isn't recognized at all by kodi. No entries in kodi.log when hitting the back button on the remote. So I adjusted it to KEY_BACKSPACE and then also to KEY_BACK. Both tries also failed, no reaction in kodi.log. Then I tried to put a working KEY on the back button, I took KEY_UP. And voila, back button on the remote sends KEY_UP to kodi. So the button works, it's a question of the right "KEY" declarations in the mapping file for kodi to recognize it.
So my question is .... do I have a problem with keymap.xml? I took a look at it, it's from 2014 on my installation ... should I get a new one? I also attached it here to the post.

Is there a kinda KEY mapping documentation for ir-keytable to figure out, how the KEY_Huh names in the keymap file of ir-keytable have to look like to map correctly to kodi commands?

As second example, the Info button doesn't work either, same as with the Back key. I tried KEY_INFO and KEY_I in the ir-keytable keymap file. Both aren'T recognized by Kodi. What I don't get is, why all of the keys work using a regular keyboard .... hitting I gives me Info as expected, and Backspace takes me one level back. So that kind tells me, that my keyboard.xml file for kodi is basically working as it should, or not?

Thanks for any help,


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