We have HD movies Section, How can i make a HD Tv Series section?!
hi there,

ive been a user of xbmc for a number of years now and have gone through a couple of skins but have used neon as it offers a feature i could not find in any other skin, and thats HD content being displayed as a separate menu. i love this as it filters the HD content i have, i have an array with a lot of content on it and would love to be able to have the HD TV Series as well as the normal one (due to the amount of content i am now getting in HD and replacing the old SD stuff)

hope this makes sense and if anyone can help that would be great, i use XBMC on three machines in my house (living room, bedroom and bathroom)

sorry forgot to mention, i meant that it displays the normal movies and then HD movies!
Yeah for many of the other skins you'd need to add it yourself by:

creating a "smart playlist" configured to only contain HD movies.

Then make that playlist a favourite.

Then add it to the home menu as a new shortcut item.

To do it with TV you'd need to make the playlist work for HD TV episodes instead. I think Neon uses the same or similar functionality. Might not need to add the playlist as a favourite though.
hi thanks for the quick response, i take it the smart playlist can auto add the HD content, i have around 30 tb of movies and tv so manually adding the tv as HD is a no no,

i dont really know what i am looking at with the xml files and use ubuntu on every box in my house plus the server for ease of use and networking, the HD section must have some sort of filter to tell the skin to display any movies that are 720 or more in the HD section, (however i have noticed they also do appear in the normal movies which is a little annoying)
Yeah you need to select playlists from the movies submenu then select "new smart playlist" once in there you create what you want. The smart playlist rule does all the work based on what you tell it look for within your library. That's how the Movies HD section has been made in this skin.
Try this. Save the below as HDTVShows.xsp in \XBMC\userdata\playlists\video

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<smartplaylist type="episodes">
    <name>HD TV Shows</name>
    <rule field="videoresolution" operator="greaterthan">700</rule>

Then you should have a playlist that will do what you want. Just add it to the main menu and you'll be good to go! Note that this is Episode based, not Show.
thats just what i was looking for, i will try it out, a lot of stuff i have in HD is the whole series anyway so it should seperate them fine, thanks for your help Smile
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We have HD movies Section, How can i make a HD Tv Series section?!00