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I'm trying to set a ATV2 up for a friend that does not have a network at home. I know you cannot hook a USB HDD to the ATV2, but can you hook a NAS up to it with a crossover cable? Anyone try this? The other option is to put a router between them but don't want to waste the money if we don't need to.

I have not personally tried it, but logic says it would work.
yeah, provided you set static IP on both
If you have a NAS with an auto-uplink network port you don't even need a crossover cable. A regular straight-through cat5 would do.

However, I would assume that you'd pay more for a NAS than you would for an external hard drive and a router with a USB port to connect the hard drive to. I've seen 2TB external drives for less than $100 and I picked up my Wireless G router a year ago for $40 so I'm sure you can find them much cheaper today.
What's your router model?

I'm using one from my ISP but only supports FAT32 and it's damn slow (write).

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Not at home right now so I'm not positive of the router model but it is a Netgear router that I have flashed with dd-wrt. This may be outside the scope of what the OP wants but I know several routers provide access to a USB mounted drive.
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