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So what's the rules here? calling people a jerk is ok but asshole is not?
I just want to know how to play the game, I see little fucks calling people jerks praying that they are just within the social rules of this site, being just rude enough that they can get away with it, where I'm more the type of guy who doesn't believe in that bullshit and will just call the person who called me a jerk an asshole.

You say tomato I say asshole kind of thing.

Now I could give a fuck if you haven't guessed, just not a fan of dishonest little fucks.
@amet you're a little fuck as well. If you need to scold me in the open and lock the thread like you did, what a little fuck man, what an incredible pussy move for a mod. Did you really think it was a good move to say that in the last post there stupid? You could have just edited the thread and locked it but like the little fuck you are you decide hey, lets scold the guy pubicly. Well little fuck, you just lost the xbmc money becuase unlike the little fucks that are plenty around here I was actually going to donate to this team for their work, but not now because of a little fuck called amet.
cool down! Eek
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See, now I don't feel bad for saying all that Smile
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You didn't feel bad before. Just another example of the kind of lack of honesty I see here. Like the guys who jumped on me in that thread, only to admit that they have keyboards and don't use the atv2 remote. forum talk. idiots who say shit like, "It's of the opinion...." and shit. They think they are on a h.s. debate team or some stupid shit.
Solo0815 Wrote:cool down! Eek

Dude I'm totally cool, cuses don't = red hot faces once your over 30, well at least not for most of us. Just thought this site needed a little honesty and the mod needed a little more.

Got to love mods who think it's appropriate to take cheap shots at members like that Amet there. Super pussified move.
To be perfectly honest I did feel bad for locking a thread as it didn't give you a chance to respond. But people like yourself will find a way to say something stupid even if all measures are taken to prevent them doing so.

I hope you enjoy xbmc as much as we enjoyed making it, and don't beat yourself about that donation, just let me know how much you wanted to donate and I'll do it instead so that team doesn't suffer because of my "mistakes" Smile
So this is considered public scolding ?

"I have nothing else to say to you that I haven't said in my PM"
Damn. Deleted posts in the other thread. Was hoping for an amusing read Wink
If I have helped you in any way, please forgive me, it was entirely accidental.
Cranial: You didn't miss too much. It was mostly a lame discussion about what a bunch of losers the people who use the apple remotes are.

Someone else's opinion, not mine.

I have to use the ATV2-Remote also because of the WAF Wink
Compare the size of the remote to a keyboard lying on the table in front of the TV Laugh
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I'm thinking "jerk" is too polite at this point. JC, what an attitude!
ok kids, enough.
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So what's the rules here? calling people a jerk is ok but asshole is not?00