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Problem with partitions on an XBMC live install.
I managed to get all my hardware together today but im having a bit of a nightmare trying to install xbmc live to the hard drive inside the new HTPC.

formatted with Gparted as a FAT32 disk with just one single partition, i cant see why the Ubuntu installer isnt picking it up as an option to install to.

I'm running LIVE of a USB drive and want to install it to the internal drive on the comp, but the installer can only seem to find the USB drive itself.

I know the internal drive is there and formatted correctly (both my BIOS and GParted say so) but im a noobie and im missing something, obviously.

i'm falling at the first hurdle here and i feel like im on a very long road. The asus ebox install i did last month went rather smoothly too.

Anyone feel like sharing some wisdom?


Problem with partitions on an XBMC live install.00