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Iplayer for ATV2 Installed but not working
Hello SBMCer;s. Not sure if this is the right place for an iplayer post but here goes, I have looked and googled and cant find any specific place ....
I have managed to install iplayer directly by moving the zip file into the mobile drive and installing it from xbmc. it seems to work perfectly, all the listings come up, even the thumbnails and descriptions - I get loading percentages but when it comes to streaming, the screen goes blank .
One clue is that my iphone (which I uses a remote) loses the connection and says there is nothing connected for about a second, and then starts again, as the ATV2 screen goes back to the main menu.

I did read on a forum somewhere that there is a setting that needs to be changed to enable streaming .... but I cant find it anywhere.

Any ideas?!

Thank you from a newbie.


Iplayer for ATV2 Installed but not working00