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[MOD] Cirrus Extended v2
Thx for your answer Butch,

T! skin "recommended item" are just watchlist.
Ronie (author of T! skin and watchlist addons) has maybe directly add watchlist script in his skin ...
Anyway ... it works for me on CEv2 Smile

Just 3 more thing :

1 / Do you think you could add music watchlist (for horizontal layout) in a next version ? and, i dont know if it's possible, but a smart display will me a mix between watchlist and new added.

2/ Is-it possible to have watchlist item on a smart-list menu ?

3/ I have a "bug" with user session switching : when i switch form user A to user B session, CEv2 display watchlist item related to user A.
I have to do more test, but it seems this bug doesnt appear in T! skin, so I guess it's skin related.

Hi there,

1. There is no music watchlist as i know. Only Latest Albums and Random Items.
2. What do you mean with smart-list menu ?
3. In cev2 the script is called only on startup. Just restart xbmc. I may change it in future.
(2012-06-08, 10:02)butchabay Wrote: 1. There is no music watchlist as i know. Only Latest Albums and Random Items.

There is music watchlist. Actually it's a list of most played album.

A "dual-view" between most played and new added album will be great

(2012-06-08, 10:02)butchabay Wrote: 2. What do you mean with smart-list menu ?

I have some smartlist for movie and tv show.
And i put shortcut for this smarlist directely on the homescreen (like movie collection or movie HD).
So I thought it will be good to display watchlist (or new added) on this home shortcut matching only the related movie / tv show.

(2012-06-08, 10:02)butchabay Wrote: 3. In cev2 the script is called only on startup. Just restart xbmc. I may change it in future.

Ok. I dont know if it's hard to code. I know you haven't time for everything. Not a big deal for me now.
1. Ah ok, but i don't think i'll add it for now maybe in future.
2. Dual View : No sorry
3. Recently Added for smart playlists (script.randomandlastitems already supported. Smart Playlists 1-3 Movies, 4-6 TV Shows)
(2012-05-29, 21:17)butchabay Wrote: Commited to SVN REV. 622

- 3D Bluray and 3D Bluray Clearcases in Rightlist & Big Poster View

Thanx to Hunter 2-1 for the 3D Cases


Which Media Flags do you use?

Are these the original from Sirrus?

I didn't upload this video to demonstrate the "tron" theme but you can still see what it looks like plus a small preview of my small collection Smile
I'm still working on the movie genres had a busy weekend.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7WSxqwOvwY
Can't see any video ... it's just me ? Smile
I can see the youtube vidz inside the thread.
Nice vidz btw, and a lot of movie Smile

In tvshow watchlist (horizontal layout), episode are listed #1 to #5 starting on left of the screen.
When you access to the watchlist (pressing 2 times right) you directly go on the midlle of the screen => so on the #3 ep tv show.

Is-it a choice ?
Would be smarter to go directly on the #1 ?


Yeah maybe i have to check the video at home ...
About recently added horizontal, i know what you mean but i like it centered, no way to do it different.
@Hunter2-1 > sorry mate I didn't answer you this week-end, I was very busy (and still am).

The youtube looks cool.

I don't see the early textures with cyan lines you showed me in the beginning... did you give up this? were you confronted to the same problem of stretching as I when I tried to use textured backgrounds, or did you just change your mind?
Too bad I liked the early versions

Aww and for the moviegenres I had warned you it would need a lot of time, specially if you are not used to Illustrator!
It took me about an entire week to do the original sources, and I designed them according to my own way of work organization so it was easy. Working in an agency where they are several designers, I know by experience that it's sometimes not easy to work further on other designers' files because they have their own logical! So I understand it's time consuming for you.
But well anyway, after that you'll have learned Illustrator so after all it's a good thing! And nobody is stressing you, just take your time!

and... I hope you didn't forget your promise about the french sources movigenres ;-)

All that said, congrats, the result is really nice so far!

what would be very cool is to pass the gray separation lines in the GUI into cyan lines...
but when I designed the orange and gray themes, I never found the way to do it. I don't think it's about GFX files, it must be instead software-coded into multiple .xml files (therefore not includable into an .xbt files).
But with a little luck, it would be just a matter to find how the line colors are defined into the .xml, and then do manual find&replaces with the cyan color value in each view.xml (I guess we need Butcha's opinion to know if it's easy or a waste of time). And then up to each user to decide if he wants to pimp his .xml (with the disadvantage of doing it manually again on every new SVN/release)
@gates thanks

@N.O.W.A.L.L thanks

Remember the links I sent you? There was two textures: 1. "Textures" 2. "Textures v2" In the video I was using v2. I will resend you the links so you can try them out and see if the 1st one is the one you are talking about.

Yeah I'll do both english and french. Thanks Smile

I don't know either... :/
yep I was talking about v1 (for exemple cyan in videoinfoback)
That's why I made two versions. Because you prefer it with the cyan and I prefer without Smile
Hey Butchabay, not sure if I should ask this here or that other thread about trailers in ALA, but I'm just wondering if you're planning on integrating the change Angelscry made for trailers? I don't think the change is in the official repository's version, but the version he has on his repo has had the change for over a month.

If you're not planning to change it, could you answer a (hopefully) quick question for me? I prefer the trailers to play ondown (and you told me how to go back to that in the past), but I'd like to change it to both incorporate Angelscry's change and also to play the trailer windowed. I changed ondown to XBMC.PlayMedia($INFO[ListItem.trailer]), but it's still playing fullscreen. How would I now switch it to windowed instead?
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