Could someone please approve my thread?
Hey guys,

I posted a new thread this morning and got the message: This thread has to be approved by a moderator (apparently this happens to new users with less than 3 posts where the posting contains links). Well, this was my first posting and it contained several links.

Problem is, the only moderator in Linux specific help hasn't been active since last year. So, could one of you be so kind and approve my posting? Do you need additional information?

Thanks for your time and help.


John Doe

PS: Maybe you should modify the spamfilter a bit. My posting contained 3 links, one was a link to this forum, the second one was a link to pastebin and the third one was to a blog. I think you should put at least your own forum on a whitelist *g*
Appears to be done already.
Yup, almost immediately after I posted this thread my initial post appeared.

So, thanks for the quick help here guys, now someone needs to come up with a hint to my problem and I'm set :P
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Could someone please approve my thread?51