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Hey guys, i'm new to xbmc but just installed it on Windows 7 with the Aeon Nox skin.

Anyway, I added all my movies and tv shows and got the poster art and info for everything, however, whenever i want to see the movie info i have to hit the information button. My question is, is there a way to have plot info, movie time, etc. displayed as you highlight the movie, without having to hit the info key? At one point when i was messing with settings after i had hit the info button and then exited the info screen i saw the plot etc. show up on the side of the screen (infowall viewmode) but when i launched a movie the info on the side of the screen went away.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
There should be some views which are showing the plot without pressing the info-button.
Just change the view.
i managed to get it to work. just had to tweak some settings on the system tab. thanks for suggestion though
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