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change views??
how do u change views in the night skins
i mean there doesnt shows up any 3d wall or stuff
or anythin even close to demo images shown
a list is on the left and the image on the right
in normally all section(movies, tv shows)
do i need to press some keys or settings??
Press key up = Nav Bar pop up

Press enter in first field (aka "View") = change view.
well i tried that on home screen
and in vedios section

in home screen and video section i doubt pressing up key will help as therea a menu to scroll through
i also tried other direction key
the only directional that yielded no result was the left key
the right key showed a side scroll bar
well either i am doing it wrong or i guess theres somethin wrong
well i got the change view issue fixed
koiska mode was enabled

anyway one more qs
in the poster viewtype
banners are shown (which then get very stretched)
is there some way the skin can distinguish between banners and posters
or is this not a skin issue??

change views??00