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I'm trying to translate XBMC in Georgian language but I have problem, when I translate something, words are not shown in XBMC and there are only unknown symbols. What can I do to solve this problem?

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you probably need to change the font to something that handles your characters.

Also you need to have the strings.xml in utf-8

See the wiki for more information..

This is a tool that might help you:
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Thanks for reply.

strings.xml is in utf-8. One Georgian character is visible in XBMC but main menu items are shown in ambiguous characters. Take a look at this screenshot:
those are upper case letters (evil jezz_x!), maybe that's relevant?
Can anyone help me?
I want XBMC in my native language, please help.
without more info nobody can answer your. for starters, try my suggestion - is it the upper case letters that errors or is it all chars which errors? does your font have georgian chars?
Hi spiff, thanks for reply. I've changed strings.xml encoding to UTF-8 (I did same in langinfo.xml) and now it shows some words. But XBMC has strange problems with Georgian language. I don't know why but it shows word Settings in main menu ( and can't show it in settings window (

Are you asking about XMBC font?
I don't know which font XBMC is using.
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I guess the currently used fonts do not fully support Georgian characters. The same problem exists for Cyrillic characters. Default Confluence skin is OK but some other like Aeon-Nox or Transparency do not display non-English characters in some items, like currently played song info in Aeon-Nox or RSS-feed in Transparency.
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Thanks for answer. Is it possible to fix that? Can XBMC do something about it? Or there is no fix for that?
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