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[LIVE} Need help with the keymap for my remote
I found a cheap $9 IR remote that works fine for some main keys but I am having trouble mapping some of the extra keys on it. This IR remote just shows up to the computer as a keyboard and mouse combo so it should be normal keyboard keymaps. With some problems I am having knowing what to put in the keymap file for buttons like:

window switcher
show desktop (didn't even work on Ubuntu laptop)
so I can re purpose them (all buttons work fine on my Ubuntu laptop so they are standard)

Also the "Music", "Video", "Pictures", and "TV" buttons are strange in that they are CTRL+ALT+F1 through F4 which is bad since that switches to tty's 1-4 with no way back since they don't go up to F8 I would like a way to use those one to or at the very least disable them since I have no real keyboard plugged in so any time one is pressed I have to ssh in and restart the xbmc-live service to get back to it. Or and this is unlikely but apparently they can have different modes but I have not clue how to change them to CTRL+ALT+ 1 through 4 or A through D

Here is what the remote looks like
oops I swore I was in general help can this thread be moved.

I finally got the music, video etc buttons working by doing a xorg.conf edit to disable terminal switching then realizing that hitting a button actually sends all three codes at once ctrl+alt+(F1, A, and 1) so they work now.

But I still can't get the others to work since even finding out how to get the code from the debugging output doesn't help when my keymap edits for that type don't work ever

I am using this type of line
<key id="172">ContextMenu</key>

[LIVE} Need help with the keymap for my remote00