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List of must-have scripts.
just wondering if someone has a list of the best scripts out there that are the most popular. there seems to be so many and it's hard to get up to date on everything. i'm just interested in names, i can look them up later. but links would be cool too.

many thanks!
might as well start one... these are imo the best out there that i use all the time.... most of them have links in the forum (i wish the official download site was up)

aqtbrowser - browse movie trailers
launchbrowser - watch music videos from
ifilmbrowser - ifilm movies
web radio (kmlbrowser) - plays radio streams from nullsoft
gametrailers - game video trailers
consumption junction - 'mature' videos
yahoo video search - searches and plays movies

xstocks - stock quotes/ graphs (mine) link
xbmcmail - pop3 mail access
scriptrunner - script manager / updater
mycalendar - calendaring app

i apologize if i forgot any that deserve to be here, i dont feel like scouring for more links but if people can find em ill add them to the list.
#3 - movie showtimes - weather radar - kaid on linksys router
For python coding questions first see
whats the deal with all the scripts disappearing from the internet? i can't seem to find anything out there. why is everything down? it seems like most script download sites or script related sites are broken... anyone know anything?
and my stupid videos script
(nishil @ mar. 01 2005,08:48 Wrote:and my stupid videos script
i'm not familar with that one, do you have a link?
For python coding questions first see
i can say :
xsp (xstreampack to connect and view stream video/tv/radio database ) website
mycalendar brand new but very promising script [new version is coming soon] download
canalplus french speaking tv shows from the tv channel 'canalplus' - amazing gui ! sooo beautifull ! (french only.. sorry) download
wakeup let your xbmc on and be reminded at the time of your choice (it can be to wake you up or just to not miss a 'rendezvous' by playing a media file at the time of your choice) download
Can we get an update on this Smile ?
BladeNight18 Wrote:Can we get an update on this Smile ?

good idea
would be great!
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